Dragon Ball FighterZ – When 2 gamers fight like 2 clones of each other

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In the final match of Thaiger Uppercut 2018 (Thailand), two competitors Dragon Ball FighterZ surprised when they chose the same Adult Gohan character (Gohan in adult form) and almost hit the same combo sequence. This situation is often referred to as a “clash” and still occurs occasionally in fighting games. Some games will subtract the health of both characters in each collision, for example in Street Fighter II. But with Dragon Ball FighterZ then there is no damage and also does not affect the combo sequence that the character is performing.

Whatever happens in any fighting game, situations clash is always the most exciting highlight of the match. The fact that two characters suddenly attack with the same series of attacks and at the same speed gives a wonderful, unexpected and double skill effect. Some youtubers even managed to collect many clash situations to enjoy, including the case of two Goku characters with level 5 transformations and the same Kamehameha move.

Among fighting games, Dragon Ball FighterZ proved especially suitable for creating clash phases. The game is set up to emphasize skill effects, including scenes like anime before launching the decisive move. Creating characters that adhere to the original is also a significant plus, suitable for fans to recreate classic battles.​

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