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Popular game musician accused of raping co-worker

If you are a fan of super products RPG like The Elder Scrolls, Guild Wars nice Knights of The Old Republicthen you must have known Jeremy Soul – The talented composer behind the most popular hits in the history of gaming. The main melody of the legend Skyrim and many previous versions were built by a hand Jeremy Soule, imprinted in the minds of gamers with immortal notes.

However, contrary to the glitz and success of a musician, Jeremy Soule is facing charges that threaten to destroy his entire career. Accordingly in the latest report of Kotakua developer and a singer has just stood up to accuse Jeremy Soule of having lewd acts, even raping them in the past.

Musician Jeremy Soul.

Both accused Jeremy Soule of taking advantage of their weakness in terms of work and life to force them into a relationship with him. However, when he was rejected, the musician used his position at work to deny the two of them any promotion opportunities and began to engage in lewd behavior towards them.

Specifically in my blog post, longtime game developer Nathalie Lawhead To share:

In an interview with Kotaku, Nathalie Lawhead described how she first met Soule at a Christmas party in 2008 while working at Smoking Gun Interactive. As a new employee at Studio, she said she is having problems with visa and it is difficult to adapt to the environment. Sai met Soule, the two soon became close through works related to art and creativity. Immediately Soule expressed her desire to help her advance in the Studio. However, for this developer, she considers Soule nothing more than a teacher… However, Soule’s pressure is increasing and after she goes to Soule’s house to play, she is immediately raped by this musician – she said in the interview.

Developer Nathalie Lawhead.

In response to Kotaku’s question, Jeremy Soule denied all allegations:

Singer Aeralie Brighton, who stopped working on projects like Minecraft, Ori and the Blind Forest and LawBreakers, also shared on Facebook about Jeremy Soule: “I myself fell prey to Jeremy Soule in 2014”. She said Jeremy Soule once sent her a clip of him masturbating and when she said “just wanted a working relationship” she was immediately locked out of the projects she was offered to participate in. However, according to Aeralie Brighton, there has never been any direct physical action from Jeremy Soule towards her.

Singer Aeralie Brighton.

In fact, in recent years, the name Jeremy Soule is also having many troubles in his own career. Accordingly, in 2013, Jeremy Soule conducted a Kickstarter project that raised $121 thousand to make a separate Album. However, 6 years later, this album is still nowhere to be found. The other day, Materia Collective, the publisher of the album for Jeremy Soule, announced that it was canceling all business contact with the musician and was no longer involved in any aspect of the album’s production. One of the women who came forward to denounce Jeremy Soule also said that she did not offer to work on this album, but after rejecting the emotional move from Jeremy Soule, it all fell apart.

There is still no further comment from Jeremy Soule, but Emergenceingame.Com will always follow the incident closely and update readers as soon as possible.

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