The peak of “hard fans”: Breaking the guard, sneaking behind the scenes of the CoD tournament to give “idol” … cereal packs

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Formation Call of Duty of the Faze Clan excellently won the first championship at the CDL Home Series event held in Atlanta over the weekend when defeating the Florida Mutineers with a score of 3-0. Taking this opportunity, a Youtuber planned to bypass all the security guards, sneak into the VIP backstage of the tournament venue in the hope of meeting the famous rapper who is also the co-owner of Faze Clan and give him… a cereal pack made by him. designed by myself.


The idea of ​​​​the YouTuber nicknamed “airrack” probably comes from the popular series First We Feast, in which an episode of Offset joined as a guest and revealed that he loves all kinds of cereals. breakfast cup, and even wanted to start his own brand called “Offset’s Drippo’s”. Therefore, airrack, with the help of friends, designed a special cereal box with the intention of sneaking into the event. CoD that Faze Clan is participating in in Atlanta and give it directly to Offset.

Despite having difficulty at the first security checkpoint, this YouTuber finally managed to sneak inside: “If the security at this event is not too loose, it must be due to the skill of sneaking into events. Mine is already too good. It’s too easy.” Unfortunately, Offset was not present at the event that day, but this did not stop the Youtuber from continuing to find ways to break into the VIP backstage area of ​​the tournament.


Despite Offset’s absence, the airrack had the opportunity to meet high-ranking Faze Clan members such as Faze Banks and Faze Adapt, and even invited them to taste cereal before exiting. In fact, this is not the first time a male YouTuber has sneaked into big events like this. From KSI vs Logan Paul 2 to BLAST Pro Series Moscow, Youtubers somehow managed to sneak in even though these events were all heavily guarded.

Some commented jokingly that one day this YouTuber will upload videos of breaking into the White House while others predict that once these videos become popular, he will probably be removed soon. blacklist of all events.

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