Vikendi snow map officially returns to PUBG

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Player PUBG will have the opportunity to “reunite” snow map Vikendi after being removed for a while since the arrival of Karakin earlier this year. Vikendi will be back and heavily edited. Players can admire the new look of the snow map this weekend.

Several streamers and content creators got to try out Vikendi this past Thursday and Friday. The test will last until Sunday night (or Monday morning), so players will have plenty of time to evaluate all the new changes.


The new Vikendi will feature moving ships, as confirmed by PUBG community manager, and the snow map will not replace existing maps in the game. PUBG Corp We would like to announce this to our partners and the player community in order to receive feedback as soon as possible. Tester feedback will partly determine the official return of Vikendi.

Some other sources report that Vikendi will not have as much snow as before, and the dinosaur park will be expanded.


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