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Hien Vien Mobile officially Open Beta, with Lien Binh Phat racing to the top to win iPhone Xs Max

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At 10am today, August 29, 2019, the recently popular MMORPG Hien Vien Mobile has officially Open Beta and opened the first two servers to welcome gamers. After five days of Alpha Test, Hien Vien Mobile has left clear sounds, sweet aftertaste and unforgettable echoes for all players. After the Alpha Test process, NPH Gamota has perfected the product in the final steps and brought players a perfect first half game.


Especially, with the participation of “Baby Binh” – Lien Binh PhatSurely in the near future, Hien Vien Mobile will bring gamers not only joy but also endless laughter with the “unbearable cuteness” of “baby Binh” – which is already too famous for its special character. entertainment “preschool”. Moreover, Lien Binh Phat is also ready to wait and challenge all gamers in Hien Vien Mobile with the event “Racing Top Battle Force – Winning Xs Max”.

Specifically, during the period from 10:00 on August 29, 2019 to 23:59 on September 4, 2019 (7 days). During the event, 2 gamers who achieve TOP 1 battle strength at 2 servers S1 – Cuong Dao and S2 – Spirit Master according to Luc Chien chart will receive 1 Pair of iPhone XS Max phones (for each server) and all players in the TOP 10 get the super cool Ao Dai.

Note: The result of the event will be calculated at 23:59 September 4, 2019


Not stopping there, within 7 days of opening the server, Hien Vien Mobile also gives gamers extremely valuable gifts to help players experience this game more easily and more interestingly.​

  • Sign in and get VIP 1 and red quality equipment for 7 days
  • Day 2: Horror fashion – Thuy Truc Linh Thu
  • Day 3: Ingredients to increase wings – Kun Bang Chan Kinh
  • Day 4: Epic Beauty – True Secrets
  • Day 5: Equip Red Qualities Tier 6
  • Day 6: HP Stone lvl 4
  • 7th:vũ Rank 6 Red Quality Weapon

Do not hesitate any longer without quickly downloading and joining the Three Realms battlefield in Hien Vien Mobile to win immediately the most valuable gift iPhone Xs Max and attractive gifts from today.

Hien Vien Mobile is a game of the online role-playing genre – MMORPG exploiting the theme of the first half. In addition to the attractive role-playing feature, Hien Vien Mobile also receives the love of players by a deep storyline, interactive features between gamers and above all a map platform. Beautiful and captivating illustrations.


Currently, gamers of Hien Vien Mobile can download and step into the magical world of Hien Vien Mobile. All information about this game, gamers can access at the address:​

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