After nearly 10 years of development, Nexon suddenly “deathed” the blockbuster MMORPG Peria Chronicles?

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Peria Chronicles is a good game Nexon cherished for quite a long time, was first introduced to gamers in 2012 with the name Project NT. Peria Chronicles owns a beautiful sparkling graphics developed from its own engine for production developers. In the game, players will be playing the role of European-style cartoon characters to participate in familiar turn-based battles.


However, up to now, 6 years have passed and this game has not been released to players. At the beginning of this year, MMORPG This game has started the first beta test, thought it would be released in the near future, but recently there is information that this game has suddenly been canceled.​


According to the prestigious Korean news site InvenGlobal, on August 27, Nexon announced that it would cancel the development of Peria Chronicles. InvenGlobal shared, the reason given by Nexon for this abrupt cancellation was: After the company went through many internal discussions, the company decided to stop developing Peria Chronicles because it could not meet the needs of the company. current player.​


Peria Chronicles is developed by Thingssoft – one of the 7 major game development studios of Nexon since 2011. It is known that Nexon and Neople invested more than 8 million USD (about 185 billion VND) for this item. It is clear that this is a project that has received considerable attention and investment, even before it was compared with Minecraft about endings and player-created content. Although it has received a lot of attention from the MMORPG community, it is clear that the leaks from the beta versions of the game have disappointed many gamers.​

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