Pokemon Sword and Shield reveals evolution of Farfetch’d… Sirfetch’d

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Recently, the official website of Pokemon Sword and Shield just updated information about a Pokemon will debut in the land of Galar and this is a face that the fans are so familiar with. According to the introduction, Sirfetch’d is a Pokemon that Farfetch’d (who lives in Galar) has undergone countless battles to evolve into.

According to the game’s official website, Sirfetch’d is extremely noble and popular, often chosen as the subject of art. This Pokemon has a calm and calm personality, considering street fighting as his creed. Sirfetch’d uses onion stalks to make swords, onion leaves as shields, once the onion withers, Sirfetch’d will leave the battlefield, never to compete again.​


Sirfetch’d also possesses a very powerful move, it will aim the “sword” at the enemy and use lightning speed to raid the opponent. Although this skill has great power, but because of that, it will bring certain side effects. After using this skill, the Pokemon will not be able to move for a period of time.​


Farfetch’d has a reputation as a weak Pokemon, and as other Pokemon continue to receive new evolutions after the first generation, fans have had to wonder if this Pokemon can make themselves stronger in matches. or not. And now a whole new form of Farfetch’d has been seen at Pokemon Sword. As soon as the information about Sirfetch’d was revealed, fans were extremely excited, Twitter was flooded with fanart photos of this Pokemon.​

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