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After many days of waiting, the great heroes can finally adventure in the world of Swordsmanship of the NPH CMN, on the occasion of the release of CMN to present readers and readers of Taimienphi the latest Codes of Command Ho Ca in 2022. super value.

MSI DELTA 15 Gaming Laptop, PS5 Game Console, Razer Cynosa V2 Chroma Keyboard, Razer Deathadder Essential Mouse with Hu Ge CMN Command Code are the Super Giant gifts that players can receive when participating in the Dream Sword Wheel event at the game’s homepage.

1. Introducing the game Command Ho Ca CMN

Similar to other role-playing games, Linghu Ge CMN allows players to start with the Male or Female character system, you have to perform some main quests and then join the sects to learn skills. , each choice of the player affects the development of the character later.

2. Outstanding features of the game Command Ho Ge CMN

– Original standard webgame Tieu Ngao Giang Ho
– The fashion system is diverse, showing its own quality
– More than 50 mounts with different stats and skills
– Massive companion to support the character to increase EXP, increase and decrease damage
– The combat pet system is divided by quality.
– Boss hunting activities to receive equipment, items, game recharge cards.


Summary of the latest Ho Ca CMN Mobile Command Code

3. Why enter the game Code of Command Ho Ca CMN?

Normally, players who want to race Top on the leaderboard or be stronger than others have to top up their shopping cards, but with the latest Code of Ho Ca CMN 2022 below, you can save some of the cost of reloading the card, if you take care. only sometimes do not need to recharge but still as strong as everyone else. The latest Ho Ca CMN Command Code 2022 provides – Get Kim Nguyen Bao – Get Lucky Coins – Get Refined Raw Stones – Get Mined Coins – Get Linh Tran – Get Level Up Stones

4. List of the latest Ho Ge CMN Command Codes

– lenhhoxung
– tichtakiempho
– tuhathancong
– doccocuukiem

– Quyhoabaodien
– tieungaogiangho
– lenhhoca

– hep6O301ycGND2JXh5Z5
– juJyrXUoXMqFD2NKEp1x
– e0LSWNWXyz8lD2X1hWjR
– rXfn4uDGMekQD2akf77k
– 14QUdBPuS5PjD2eMBcQX
– Gyu7j7xz119MD24RmQi4
– cLAgoydpUTTXD3ALH2Mj
– 3d9PNUiQDZm4D3HyQ85M
– w5AAugflr4f3D3SH4dAD

Taimienphi regularly checks and updates all the latest Code of Command Ho Ca CMN 2022 for Dai Hiep right in this article, ensuring that Dai Hiep’s practice is not interrupted.

5. How to enter Hu Ge Command Code CMN

Step 1: After the character reach level 65you choose Gift Lobby right side of the screen.

giftcode lenght every day

Step 2: In the table Receiving giftschoose Exchange GC.

The code of the game is always available

Step 3: Next to enter Code of Command Ho Ge CMN => press Take.

how to use the code for the game to play every day

– Immediately the player receives the gift from the exchange of the Code of Command Ho Ge CMN.

the list of codes for the most recent game code

6. How to get a new Ho Ge CMN Command Code
Announcement of the Guild, Become a Hard Fan, Loan Tin Trailer … are events to receive the latest Code of Ho Ca CMN that players should participate in, each giftcode provides different items, part value The rewards are also different.
– Homepage Command Ho Ge CMN
– Facebook Lenh Ho Ca CMN
– Group Lenh Ho Ca CMN
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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