Avengers Infinity War – Leaked photos reveal Iron Man holding the Infinity Stones?

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Avengers Infinity War is very close to the release date and fans still have doubts about the location of the last Infinity Stone. Soul Stone. As one of 6 stones born from a powerful entity but ended itself due to being too lonely in the universe, the Soul Stone possesses the power to see through the souls of all things and can even take over the souls of the universe. that soul.


However, in the MCU in the set of 6 stones, only 5 are present and the Soul Stone has never appeared before the viewer’s eyes. Before Black Panther premiere, fans predict that Soul Stone will officially debut in the movie world Marvel.. But after the last scene of the movie ended, viewers realized that Soul Stone was still silent. Now, however, the story seems to have changed.


Accordingly, in the recently leaked Avengers Infinity War poster, fans have seen a full set of 6 tablets Infinity Stone. That is Space Stone, Mind Stone, Reality Stone, Power Stone, Time Stone and Soulstone. With each stone we see there is a character attached to it to imitate a series of events in the previous Marvel series. From there we have the following:​

  • The Aether or Reality Stone appear in Thor: The Dark Worldassociated with the image of Thor.

  • Eye of Agamotto or Time Stoneappearing and associated with the image Doctor Strange.


And finally, the most unexpected, it’s Soul Stone… associated with the image Iron Man. Throughout the series of films that have featured Tony Stark so far, we have never seen the Soul Stone mentioned, let alone revealed. Therefore, linking the image of Soul Stone with Iron Man really surprised fans.


This leads to the conjecture that prior to the events in Avengers Infinity War, for some reason Iron Man has possessed the Soul Stone and is now determined to protect it from the hands of Thanos. Not only that, fans even go further when they think that it is Soul Stone that is the center of the power of Bleeding Edge – the latest armor created by Tony Stark to face new dangers. This may explain why Tony was wearing an arc reactor on his chest when it was clearly surgically removed during the surgery. Iron Man 3.

However, whatever you say, it’s all just conjecture and hopefully Marvel will surprise fans once again when Avengers Infinity War officially salute.

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