2 unbelievable records just set by Dark Souls III gamers

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Released 2 years ago, Dark Souls III immediately ranked in the list of the most “mortal” games in the world, along with the forebears who were also famous for their difficulty. Playing the game, players will experience all kinds of ups and downs of emotions, from excitement at first contact, anger when “eating onions”, despair at not being able to “pass” to satisfaction when achieving. the result after a lot of “suffering”. Those experiences are also the main reason why many players have been attached to Dark Souls III even though the game has been out for nearly 2 years. And, among those loyal players, there are two master players that the world has to take their hats off to the achievements they achieved last weekend.


The first one is Squillakilla, with the achievement of completing the game without taking any damage (zero damage), from bosses to ordinary monsters (something that in Dark Souls is as difficult as bosses in other games). Squillakilla himself is a famous Dark Souls III streamer. About a year ago, he also completed the game with “no hit”. There’s a fundamental difference between the “zero damage” and “no hit” challenges in Dark Souls III, where “no hit” allows the player to take damage from the game’s “environmental” elements. , and “zero damage” does not. Must know, with the Red Tearstone Ring (increasing attack power when losing blood), deliberately taking a moderate amount of damage will also create an advantage for the pros. Squillakilla’s record is also the first “zero damage” record recorded in the world.

In addition to the above records, Squillakilla also performed a seemingly impossible task in Dark Souls III: Complete the game at level 1. This task took him an almost endless amount of time, when but at this level, the amount of damage he can deal doesn’t even hurt as much as a “mosquito bite”.

The second name that has been mentioned a lot in recent days among the Dark Souls community is Nemz38who has just established an achievement speedrun (complete the game with the fastest speed) that is second to none. In fact, the speedrun in Dark Souls III is divided into quite a few categories, and Nemz38 inherently possesses many respectable achievements among them. In the Any% category (complete the game as quickly as possible, allowing all tips to be used), his score is 35:09. In the All Bosses category (complete the game as quickly as possible, but don’t skip any bosses), that number is 1:21:12…

Most recently, Nemz38 just established a world record in the SL1 All Boss category – Finish the game fastest, defeat all bosses including DLC ​​without leveling up. Nemz38’s time is 1:36:46, nearly 30 seconds faster than the previous record. With this achievement, Nemz38 currently holds 8 world records, and there is absolutely no sign of stopping. Obviously, Nemz38 also can’t stop, if he doesn’t want to be overtaken by the people behind.

Dark Souls III is an extremely difficult game for casual players, but there are “masters” who still feel inadequate and set new challenges to make the game more difficult. In front of such “masters”, as an ordinary player, the writer can only bow in respect.

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