Plug the mouse and keyboard into the Playstation instead of the PS4 controller to play?

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The PS4 controller is very convenient for playing most games, but nothing ever happens when Plug the mouse and keyboard into the PS4’s USB port is not? In fact, Sony supports the compatibility of most of the mouse and keyboards based on popular drivers for the Playstation 4. However, not all games can use the mouse and keyboard instead of the hand controller. ok!

mouse and keyboard vs ps4 controller

Are the mouse and keyboard more perfect than the PS4 controller when playing?

As you know, the PS4 controller is perfectly designed for console games. Unlike PC, the game will not require a keyboard and mouse much and mostly “Win or Lose” each other dexterity when pressing the button – flip the lever. Therefore, attaching the mouse and keyboard to the PS4 only has a slight effect on some features and compatibility with a few games. In which can list include:

  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Air Combat Simulation
  • War Thunder
  • Paragon
  • Elder Scrolls Online *
  • Neverwinter *
  • DC Universe Online *

* are 3 games that only support keyboard, do not support mouse.

As for the above PS4 titles, the original design is mostly for PC, but with the thriving console trend forcing developers to expand the PS4 so you can use a keyboard and mouse. Again, a better experience than using the PS4 controller.

USB port connecting ps4 slim

However, fans of PS4 Dualshock are not in a hurry to be disappointed because apart from the above titles, the only remaining feature of this mouse and keyboard duo does nothing but input, surf the web … quite boring. To experience 99.9% of PS4 games, the Dualshock 4 controller is still the most perfect.

How to use the mouse and keyboard on PS4

Although the number of PS4 titles that support mice and keyboards on PS4 is extremely small, as listed above, but because of the popularity of this duo, there is no reason not to try it at least once. . Especially when connecting is too simple to just plug and receive:

  • If you have a Mouse and a Keyboard with a USB cable connection – simply plug it into the PS4’s USB port
  • If you have a bluetooth type mouse and keyboard, go to “Devices -> Bluetooth Devices.” to detect and connect devices

setting devide ps4

After connecting the device to your PS4, go to “Settings -> Devices -> External Keyboard (and / or) Mouse.” to adjust mouse speed, percussion – keyboard language then enter the game and play! If you do not have a game in the list above to try it, you can go to your web browser to experience surfing the web on TV using PS4 with a mouse and keyboard that supports Vietnamese language super standard offline!

Hopefully, with the above small sharing, it will contribute to enjoyable your experience with the PS4 console. However standard PS4 controller does not require adjustment for all operations on the machine, but sometimes we should also try to explore quite new ones. Like work PC gamers use PS4 controller to play We are the opposite, console gamers but use the mouse and keyboard and play games on TV!

Genuine PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim game consoles

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