8 best Android emulators on PC

Currently, online games on mobile phones in general and Android in particular are being invested a lot by technology companies, even outperforming online games on PC. However, for longtime gamers, many people still want to experience on the computer screen because anyway the phone screen is still much smaller, so the “happiness” will decrease.

Foreseeing that need, there are many software that allow gamers to play Android games on PC. Such softwares are called Android emulators on computers. Today, Game will introduce to you 8 best Android emulator software on PC on the market today. Please refer.

Bluestacks emulator software

This is the most widely known emulator software available today. Bluestacks supports both Windows and OS operating systems.


  • Simple to use, just download and use without having to install any other supporting software.
  • You can livestream games on Facebook through Bluestacks
  • Besides, you can play multiple games at the same time by opening multiple windows in the form of tabs like a web browser.


  • Bluestacks is quite heavy software and requires a relatively high computer configuration
  • In addition, it also “forces” users to see ads so they can download games

MEmu emulator software

Currently, MEmu App Player is a “formidable” rival to Bluestacks in the Android emulator segment on the computer because of its full compatibility with Intel and AMD processors.


  • Support sharing files between phone and computer or drag and drop to install APK files
  • Users can set and edit parameters in accordance with their needs.


  • Only supports Windows platform
  • Capacity is quite heavy and sometimes crashes
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Genymotion emulator software

Genymotion software

Genymotion’s main target audience is developers who want to test apps or games on the Android operating system without needing a real phone. Therefore, Genymotion Not suitable for the majority of ordinary users because the installation and configuration process is quite complicated.

To use GenymotionYour computer needs a copy Android SDK and virtual machine submission VirtualBox Latest.

Emulator software Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player software

This emulator developed by Jide is the only application that runs Android Marshmallow instead of older versions. Remix OS Player’s interface is designed primarily for gaming purposes, so you will have a variety of options to customize the game experience as you like.

Before using, please turn on the technology Virtualization Technology (VT) in the BIOS of the computer. The only downside is Remix OS Player only supports AMD chip series.

Gameloop emulator software

Gameloop software

Gameloop’s previous name was Tencent Gaming Buddy developed by Tencent to play Tencent’s mobile game. However, now, Gameloop has become an emulator for playing Android games on the computer.


  • Lightweight (10 MB), easy to install
  • Due to the focus on games only, many games are built-in such as PUBG Mobile, Free Fire.


  • There is no built-in Google Player Store, so you need to install the apk file to play
  • The default language is English, so it can be a bit difficult for the user

Nox player emulator software

Nox player software

When it comes to Android emulators on PC, noxplayer is also a pretty “heavyweight” name.


  • Integrated on Google Play Store
  • This emulator supports up to the player to emulate gestures when playing games on the phone with the keyboard and mouse
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  • When you want to upgrade to a new version, you must delete the old version to reinstall the new version.

Koplayer emulator software

Ko Player software

This is also another emulator aimed at Android gaming objects on PC. Koplayer supports 2 modes: Speed (speed and Compatibility (Compatible). If the configuration of the machine is good, you should choose the mode Speed to experience a more complete. On the contrary, if the configuration of the machine is weak, you should choose the mode Compatibility.


  • Possessing Multi-Manager mechanism that allows users to run multiple applications at the same time
  • You can also record the game and upload it to any video sharing website


  • The new Koplayer is only available for Windows platforms
  • There is no voice chat so it is a bit inconvenient when playing group games
  • Occasional lag occurs when playing in Compatibility mode

Jar of Beans emulator software

Jar of Beans software

Unlike the emulators mentioned above, Jar of Beans does not need to be installed, but just runs with the executable (.exe) file. The biggest plus of Jar of Beans is the ability to handle games with “epic” graphics and improve overall performance by supporting hardware accelerated manager. Its only downside is that the interface is not yet new user-friendly and needs to be customized to return to the familiar Android interface.

Hopefully, with the sharing of the fun game, you can choose for yourself a suitable emulator application based on the advantages and disadvantages of each software.

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