Attend the top 3 most powerful gunners League of Legends version 10.18

League of Legends updated to a new version, has made minor tweaks to many champions, but not significantly. Therefore, ranking the strongest champions in the ADC position AD Not much has changed. There are champions with powers that focus on attack speed like Jinx and Tristana, And then there are champions with massive hand attack damage that can finish off opponents in a flash Draven and Jhin.

The following list of ADCs that are ranked depends on a number of factors such as the selection rate or the winning rate. Sometimes the game meta changes for no apparent reason other than the player’s tastes, but there is often an adjustment to balance the next version. Many players may not be able to keep up with the meta so this is the post for you.

Here are the strongest ADCs in League of Legends version 10.18.

Top 1 – Caitlyn

ADC Caitlyn League of Legends


  • One of the gunners with the longest range League of Legends.
  • Large hand attack damage.
  • Have the skills to escape and jump over walls.


  • Requires high skills
  • Difficult to play for newcomers

Thanks to long range and extremely penetrating passive shots Caitlyn has always been considered one of the strongest marksmen in the game. Thanks to her long range, she can easily last hit minions while seducing enemies while maintaining a safe distance. Her traps can also be used as an effective cornering tool. Also because there is quite a long range, so in the fighting phase Caitlyn Always easier to choose the location of the shot as well as keep the distance with the assassins. If it’s a player AD perennial, you should choose Caitlyn to climb rank will be very effective.

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Supporting jade table for Caitlyn:

The jade table of Caitlyn

Tips for playing Caitlyn:

Prioritize skill level up Caitlyn was: R> Q> W> E.

Q’s skill Caitlyn is the primary damage skill, it can be used to clear monsters and deal billions of damage to enemies if they’re stepping on traps. Optimize Q skill damage with traps. Although E is the only maneuver ability, it’s not necessary to max level before Q.

General goal of Caitlyn is making the laning phase hell for the enemy botlane. Use your long range to harass opponents with hand strikes. Set traps to prevent enemies from pushing up and deal massive damage when they try to run away. If a jungler arrives, your traps will take effect and they will help you destroy your enemies before they can reach you.

The first stage is quite important, accumulate a lot of money to buy important equipment early. In teamfights, do not stand near the teamfight area and use your traps wisely around neutral targets or in siege to prevent enemies from engaging.

Top 2 – Senna

ADC Senna


  • Able to limitless power.
  • Powerful skill set.
  • Very strong late game.


  • No maneuverability skills.
  • A slow hand strike.

Senna is a gunner but is the only support player in the game. Although she was originally designed to be a support, she has quickly become a major choice for ADC. She can infinitely increase her strength with her critique and lifesteal. Whatever Senna She has a fairly slow attack speed, but in return she has a great set of skills.

Senna’s complementary gem

Gem supplement for Senna

Senna tips:

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Prioritize skill level up Senna as follows: R> Q> W> E. Maximum leveling up the Q skill will give you the recovery and damage you need to poke and maintain during the laning phase. That is a perfect combination advantage. Skill W will help you chase and flee faster so it will be increased to the next level.

In the teamfight, try to use your full skill. Don’t just walk around and shoot headaches at the enemy, Senna Not a champion that is suitable for all basic attacks. Use healing, shield, control, and ultimate skills to aid allies and turn the game around.

Top 3 – Jhin

ADC Jhin


  • Great base damage
  • High damage skills
  • Strong in the middle of the game


  • Lack of mobility
  • Difficult to deal with tankers

Jhin is one of the most popular ADCs of the current season. He has also made more appearances recently, as players often choose him to play against Caitlyn. In spite of Jhin suffers some weaknesses such as lack of mobility as well as less ammo, but when playing Jhin very interesting and beautiful. His skill set is meant to show off the inner art Jhin, with 4 bullets is the death number to kill a life.

Supplementary jade table for Jhin:

Jhin's complementary gem

Tips to play Jhin:

Prioritize skill level up Jhin was R> Q> W> E. In which, Q is mainly used to exchange moves as well as last hit minions. Use it near low-health minions for maximum damage before falling on enemies. This skill is very annoying for the enemy in early game.

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W posts a second maximum boost to combine with Q, while E is maxed at the end because this is the easiest enemy ability to avoid.

Jhin is one of the most powerful marksmen in the game, but he needs the equipment to be truly powerful. Equipments yours is Search infinity and Dai Bac Lien Thanh. This combination will allow him to vaporize enemies during the teamfight. Therefore, you should play safe in the laning phase to accumulate gold. Don’t engage in unprofitable skirmishes. Try to combine your Q and W, then finish off the enemy with a powerful dash on the 4th shot.

In teamfights, your goal is to keep up with the squad. Try to keep a safe position and use the ultimate to finish off the enemy and press the corner. Always speculating on the position of the enemy because of his lack of maneuverability, he is easily defeated.

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