PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds shortcut, an attractive survival game on PC

26322 - Emergenceingame
Z Lie
You will be less likely to be spotted lying among tall grass. However, you cannot adjust the center of the gun to high and movement will be limited. OLD Sit
Sitting down helps you to avoid bullets, and at the same time can observe and shoot as usual. In a sitting position, you can also move to crouch to avoid attracting attention. X Barehanded
Put away all your weapons and use your bare hands and of course it will help you move faster DRAW Change the viewing angle
First-person perspective: easy to aim but difficult to observe, you can use this mode by right-clicking once.
The third perspective: is the default view of the game for huge coverage. REMOVE Change shooting mode
Singles: shoot 1 bullet for 1 left click
Burst: bullets for 1 click
Auto: Hold the mouse to release bullets F Interactive
Pick up, open doors, close doors, parachute, get on cars, save teammates… there are many functions for this F key Tab/I Backpack
Open the interface of your equipment as well as being able to see other items.
You can also use this key in conjunction with picking up items faster. Shift Increases movement speed, applies to all vehicles
Hold your breath: aiming will be more accurate, the mode works when you are “stalking” someone. WOOD Next Weapon 7,8,9,0 Medical instrument quick keys Q Leaning to the right E Leaning left side Alt Hold Alt + rotate the mouse to keep the pose and look around USA Turn on/off the big map Ctrl Walk slowly = Auto run Ctrl + Turn on/off Voice in the game Ctrl + U Turn off all display bars like health, ammo, minimap, gun, compass… Ctrl + 1,2,3,4,5 Change your sitting position in the game Page Up/ Page Down Adjust bullet drop at 4x or more Ctrl + Right mouse or drag and drop item Show split chart Hold left mouse button after shooting (sniper gun) The gun will keep aiming so you can see where the bullets fall Right click once

Looking down at the first person

Throw grenades in a narrow range

Hold right mouse button More accurate view in 3rd person perspective

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