Compare PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile, which game is more worth playing?

Between PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile, which game is worth spending more time playing? will compare some key characteristics of these 2 games so that it is easier for you to give your own answer.

In March 2017, PUBG Mobile officially entered the mobile gaming world and has dominated the global mobile market ever since. The Battle royale craze along with countless professional e-sports tournaments has made PUBG Mobile quickly one of the top 5 multiplayer mobile games. However, 2 years later, in October 2019, Call of Duty Mobile factory. This makes COD Mobile the main competitor of PUBG Mobile and since then, there has always been an inconclusive battle between these 2 popular games.

pubg mobile voi call of duty mobile

Compare PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile

In this article, will go with you to delve into the similarities and differences between the two games so that you can give an answer to the question “PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile, which game is worth playing than?”

Compare PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile

1. Gameplay

The difference in gameplay between these two games is probably the biggest factor in choosing the right game for each person. Both have first and third-person shooter modes, but there is a big difference in the mechanics. Before entering the fray, Call of Duly Mobile allows you to choose a character class with special skills, while PUBG Mobile throws you straight into the action, picking up items and searching for equipment with empty hands. .

Both of these survival games have survival shooter basics, like Airdrops, a variety of vehicles, and a safe zone that shrinks over time. However, it seems that COD Mobile has everything that PUBG Mobile owns and even more. If you’re playing COD Mobile, take advantage of UAVs or drones to search for targets and blow them up with sticky bombs and grenade launchers. All of these weapons and features greatly increase combat variety, ensuring all battles are different. The fact is that no fight is the same in COD Mobile. That ensures the freshness of the game.

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pubg mobile vs cod mobile game which game is better?

Another difference between the two games is the game speed. PUBG Mobile has a slower tempo than COD Mobile. PUBG Mobile players may encounter another team when they land, but for the most part there won’t be much action until the circle starts to shrink.

However, Call of Duty Mobile has many features that make it faster than its competition. Helicopters and other vehicles provide players with multiple ways to travel around the map. This increases the number of enemies you are likely to encounter. Sometimes, PUBG Mobile matches can last twice as long as Call of Duty Mobile.

Therefore, in terms of gameplay, we can say that COD Mobile definitely wins due to more combat options and fast-paced gameplay.

2. Customization is key

PUBG Mobile has many advantages over COD Mobile when it comes to player customization. The number of skins and customization options a player has when playing PUBG Mobile is also a determining factor in choosing a game to play. And PUBG Mobile doesn’t just have player skins.

pubg mobile vs cod mobile which game is better

You can also swap out skins for your weapons, vehicles, or even parachutes to stand out from the crowd. And not every weapon or vehicle has only a few skins to choose from, but the game offers a large number of different skins.

pubg mobile vs cod mobile is the best game ever

On the other hand, COD Mobile keeps things much more realistic. You will not see any skin like in PUBG Mobile. Instead, you’ll always need to look like an elite mercenary. You will also get skins for your weapons, vehicles or even your parachute like PUBG. Although Call of Duty Mobile offers many skins for players to choose from, they do not differ in appearance. Moreover, all they try to keep is the real feeling of a soldier in the game compared to real life. It can be said that PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile are on par in terms of customization.

3. Graphics are also something to consider

The difference in graphics between PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile is mainly due to the engine in which they are created. Call of Duty Mobile is Unity Engine, but PUBG Mobile is Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine is known for its more realistic graphics, so PUBG Mobile has that authentic feel.

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pubg mobile vs cod mobile what game are you playing?

Call of Duty Mobile may not look realistic, but it feels alive. The graphics in Call of Duty: Mobile really stand out in its own way. So which game has better graphics? This question is up to each player’s preference.

pubg mobile vs cod mobile which game to play

4. Means can make a difference

PUBG Mobile definitely stands behind when it comes to vehicles. PUBG Mobile may have motorbikes, cars and boats but Call of Duty Mobile has all that and more.

pubg mobile and call of duty mobile are currently playing games

Call of Duty Mobile has more vehicles for you to use and travel around the map, so this victory belongs to COD Mobile.

Call of duty mobile and pubg mobile are playing games

5. Map – Variety of places to explore

pubg mobile vs cod mobile is different between the 2 games

Call of Duty Mobile lags a bit behind when it comes to maps compared to PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile has 4 maps and each map has different terrain. Meanwhile, COD Mobile only has a single Battle royale map. But COD Mobile has some iconic maps in the game like Highrise, Meltdown, Rust…

6. Game Mode

So far, we’ve been too focused on the Battle royale modes in two games, where about 100 people parachute onto an island, loot what they can find, and fight for survival. However, both of these games have a lot more for players to experience than just survival shooting.

pubg mobile vs cod mobile which game to play

PUBG Mobile has Arena and PlayLab modes, including Team Deathmatch, Domination, Assault and Payload. PUBG Mobile also has an Arcade mode. Arcade has a mode called War where 100 players land on a smaller map and don’t have much time to loot. War mode is only for players looking for a dramatic and fast-paced experience.

pubg mobile vs cod mobile game which game is better?

COD Mobile has 8 different multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Search & Destroy… and includes a few limited time modes. Plus there are many regular events held, so you always have something new to discover in COD Mobile.

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PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile – Who wins?

When Call of Duty Mobile hit the mobile market late last year, many PUBG Mobile players decided to switch to it. There is an obvious reason for this. Call of Duty Mobile is newer and has more features to attract fans, like the diverse weapon and vehicle system mentioned earlier

Those who want to experience gameplay faster than PUBG Mobile will be intrigued by COD Mobile. The game also has more game modes than PUBG Mobile, which is sure to keep them coming back to the game often to conquer the game modes that COD Mobile has to offer. It is clear that PUBG Mobile does not have as many features as COD Mobile.

On the other hand, PUBG Mobile offers realistic gameplay. With fewer game modes than COD Mobile, PUBG Mobile still possesses a huge player base. Therefore, it is certainly the fact that the game has something unique to attract players that COD Mobile never has.

In the end, it’s all up to you to decide which game to spend time on. Both are unique in their own way. Whatever you choose, just make sure you have a good time with your teammates and also with the enemies. Again and again, why not play both?.

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