Cats and Soup: Cats and Soup Tips for Beginners

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Cats and Soup is a great simulation game on mobile for cat lovers. Let’s learn how to play Cat and Soup game with and some useful tips!

Cats & Soup is an extremely cute game on mobile
Cats & Soup is an extremely cute game on mobile

How to play Cats and Soups for Beginners

Contents of the game Cats & Soup

The game plot is very simple. All you have to do is manage Cut and Chop cats and help them cook soup. Not only that, you also need to support these lovely little cats to build houses and sell recipes to earn gold. Then, use the gold to buy valuable items for the construction of kitchen counters, rest areas and more.

Cats & Soup Start with a cat making soup. When the soup is cooked, sell it for gold. Build the building, then place it in the desired location, then assign tasks to the cat. Kittens form from a constellation, fall to the ground and start working.

How to play Cats & Soup

Play Cat and Soup game quite easy. All you have to do is control the cat by tapping the screen and sell the recipe for gold. Then, use the gold to buy cooking utensils, build rest rooms, gyms and other special equipment. You can also use gold to upgrade and learn new recipes.

Even if it’s a mobile game, you can still play it Cats and PC soup through emulators like BlueStacks, MemuPlay…

In-game tasks

Craft: Create facilities

Craft tab in Cats & Soup

The Craft tab has all the means to help your cat business grow.

  • Cooking – In this option you can create new recipe processing facilities.
  • Rest – Everyone likes to take a break from work. Therefore, build a rest area for the cat to rest after the job is done.
  • Function – This option allows you to build infrastructure that gives you gold, such as treasure chests.
  • Special – The entire special infrastructure is available here, you just need to buy it at the store.

Recipe: Research the recipe

Recipes tab in Cats & Soup

In the Recipe tab, you can find a list of soups, fruits, etc. available. You can sell them for gold.


Photography tab in Cats & Soup

Using this button, you can click on a photo of your cat’s amazing abode and share it with your friends. Click on an image, the game Cats and Soup also rewards you with coins.


Quest Tab in Cats & Soup

Complete missions in the game Cats and Soup to earn coins and energy. The task is divided into 2 parts:

  • Daily Mission – This is where you find new challenges every day. Completing them all will unlock an exciting gift card.
  • Achievements – List of achievements. Conquering each achievement will give you gems.


Collections tab in Cats & Soup

A list of all the cats, furniture, and equipment found in your cat’s home at Cats & Soup.

Cat and Soup Game Tips

  • Click on the camera above the cats to take a picture of them.

Tips for playing Cats & Soup

  • When the thunder icon appears near the resting area, don’t forget to collect it.

Lightning Symbols in Cats & Soup

  • When it rains, get ready to welcome the frog prince. This character will give gifts when you click on it.

Welcome Frogs in Cats & Soup

  • Visit Cats and Soup daily to receive rewards.

Get daily rewards in Cats & Soup

  • Don’t forget to upgrade recipes and infrastructure to maintain stable production.

Above is How to play Cats and Soup game. This is a good simulation game, effective stress reliever, suitable for all audiences. So, don’t be afraid to download the Cat and Soup game, and experience it right away!

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