The author of ‘Your Name’ is preparing for the next blockbuster anime

Blockbuster anime Your Name released last year achieved great success, like an exploding grenade sweeping all the box offices in Japan and many countries around the world. Film sales reached a whopping 20 million yen, breaking previous records. Director Makoto Shinkai also after one night became a character sought after by the media. On November 13, the television station of the land of cherry blossoms reported a lot of interesting information about this talented director’s work. The film is expected to be set in a modern setting in the magnificent capital Tokyo with the melancholy feeling of adults, very similar to the scene from high places with bright lights in his previous works. Makoto Shinkai. Although it is about sad and lonely stories, it is about adult people in urban areas, promising to bring a big breakthrough.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

For this fascinating information, many fans were extremely excited and left comments such as: “I really like the idea, Makoto Shinkai’s movies don’t have to worry”Is it ‘Tokyo love story’?” (based on the name of a movie Beijing Love Story), “Makoto Shinkai wants to blow up the box office again, right?”, “It seems that in ‘Your Name’ he was a little too restrained, the new movie about the theme of adulthood will probably have more loose elements.” nice “This time I want to see a movie with a sad ending”


Makoto Shinkai Birth name is Nitsu Makoto, born on February 9, 1973 in Nagano (Japan). He graduated from Chuo University with a degree in Japanese literature, later became a filmmaker, director, formerly a graphic designer. Famous works of Makoto Shinkai Very popular with audiences such as: The call from far away (2000), Beyond the clouds, where we promised (2004), 5 Centimeters per second (2007), Children chasing the stars (2011), Garden of words (2013) and the most popular work recently is Your Name (2016). In addition, he also wrote his first novel at 5 centimeters per second.


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