How to play Minecraft, a survival, crafting, building game on the computer

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Minecraft is in the top of the most popular games today. But if you are new to minecraft then learning how to play is extremely important to help you have a better experience. In this article, will guide you how to play Minecraft from A – Z, let’s follow along!

Although it is an 8bit game with poor graphics, no one can deny the power that Minecraft brings, the experience that only Minecraft has. In the game you can do many different things to survive, from making medicine, how to crafting in Minecraft, attract mobs to craft different constructions. To learn those features will take a lot of time, especially for newbies. Therefore, this article will guide you how to play Minecraft on computer, everything you need to know when you first start playing Minecraft.

how to play minecraft

How to play Minecraft online, Ultimate guide for beginners

Link to download the latest Minecraft:

=> Link to download Minecraft for Windows
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=> Link to download Minecraft for iOS
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=> Link to download Minecraft for Android
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Basic Minecraft tutorial for newbies

Step 1: After installing Minecraft, you start the Minecraft game choose Singleplayer If you want to play a picture, animation Multiplayer if you want to play with the Minecraft community. This is the step to choose Minecraft game mode.

how to play minecraft bow and be

Choose the mode according to your Minecraft gameplay

Step 2: After choosing Singleplayer, you need to initialize the world where you will explore and build. Choose Create New World or select the previously created world, then select Play Selected World.

how to play minecraft 2 players

Step 3: Next, enter the world name you want and this will be used to save your play. Here I will create a new world called Then choose the genre you will play in Game Mode as:

– Survival (Survival): You can search for resources, craft to level up, get food to survive.
– Hardcore (Very Hard): Same as Survival mode but you only have 1 life.
– Creative (Creative: You have everything at hand, can fly freely.

how to play minecraft online

Choose Game Mode depending on how each person plays Minecraft

If you are a new player, choose Survival. You can also customize more parameters about terrain, resources depending on your preferences, how to play Minecraft. Then choose Create New World to start playing Minecraft game.

Step 4: After entering the game, you can control your character with basic keys such as:

– W To go straight, run fast by pressing 2 times and then holding.
– WILL to go backwards.
– A to go left.
– EASY to go right.
– E to open the inventory.
– Shift to crouch, to hide.
– Right mouse to place blocks or use items.
– Left mouse to attack, destroy, collect items.

You can change these keys in the Options ->Controls.

Minecraft guide for new players

Step 5: The first way to play Minecraft that wants to teach you is to find the nearest tree. Wood is one of the essentials for your survival. Click and hold the left mouse button to chop wood. You will get one block of wood each time you chop.

how to play minecraft birthday

Step 6: After you have chopped a block of wood, you open the inventory by using the E key, then drag the block into 4 squares Crafting. 1 block of wood will create 4 wood panels in the right square. Click on the 4 wooden panels and move down to the inventory.

how to play minecraft for free on pc

Step 7: Next, you need to craft Crafting table, which you will use a lot to create other items. You left click on the 4 wood panels just obtained, then move up and right click on each Crafting box, after placing a ton of wood in each box, you will get a Crafting Table.

how to play minecraft pe with your baby

You drag the Crafting Table down to the row of cells at the bottom, this is where the items you can quickly use by pressing the keys 1,2,3…9 with the corresponding cells.

Step 8: After placing the Crafting Table in the quick use slot, press the E key to turn off the inventory. Point to an empty space and then right-click to place the crafting table.

how to play minecraft the best in the world

Step 9: Next, to learn more about how to play Minecraft, you need to craft tools to hunt, chop wood, dig sand, and pick stone. Point to the crafting table and then right click. You need these the stick to make the handle using 2 wooden boards, we get 4 sticks.

how to play minecraft pe with your baby

Step 10: After you have made the stick, you can make other tools according to the following recipe.

– Hoe to hoe, to farm.

how to play minecraft for the best birthday

– Shovel to dig sand.

how to play minecraft multiplayer

– Axe to cut wood.

how to play minecraft pe for new players

– Hoe bird beak to dig stone.

how to play minecraft on mobile phones

– Sword to defend and kill livestock for meat.

how to play minecraft gep do for game

– Wooden box to store items.

minecraft game guide

After crafting, drag them down to the quick use box and start looking for other materials.

Step 11: The second essential ingredient you need to look for is Stone. To dig rocks, you need to use a pickaxe. Find the nearest cliff and hold the mouse to mine stone.

minecraft pe 2 player guide

– Stone is a very necessary material when playing Minecraft game and it is possible to create tools with better durability such as stone sword, stone pickaxe by using stone bars for wooden boards.

minecraft game guide

Step 12: Stone can also be used to create a forge. Smithy is a place for you to make other things like coal, smelting iron. You can craft a smithy using rocks as follows:

how to play minecraft

Step 13: After successfully crafting the smithy, place it in an empty space. Use 1 wooden board to burn raw wood into charcoal. Open the smithy, put the wooden board on the bottom and the raw wood on top, the smithy will work and you get Charcoal.

how to play minecraft for people

After collecting coal, use more Sticks to make torch lights.

how to play minecraft

You can dig deep into the cliff, then put torches to light, so you have completed the temporary resting place.

how to play minecraft live birth

You can craft more doors from wooden panels to prevent monsters from entering the house.

how to play minecraft 2 players

After creating the door, move the door to the quick use box, and then click on the location where you want to place the door.

how to play minecraft with your baby

Step 14: Finally, you need a bed to spend the night. Just go to bed for a few seconds, and the sky will immediately be bright. To make a bed, you need sheep, you can find sheep around the place.

how to play minecraft for free on pc

– After you have earned 3 pieces of feathers, you can make a bed with 3 wooden panels as follows:

how to play minecraft on mobile phones

– You can create more chests to store items at home.

how to play minecraft games for beginners

– Place 2 chests next to each other to expand the area of ​​the inventory.

How to play minecraft games with your ban

The game Minecraft helps you imagine how harsh wild life can be. Hopefully, the above guide on how to play Minecraft will help you play Minecraft better, help you love the game more even if it only has 8bit graphics. In addition, when playing Minecraft survival game, you can also use game codes, Minecraft codes will help you learn many features in the game, and in addition, using these Minecraft codes will not affect too much. in-game experience.

For starters, you should learn more about potion-making tips, with potion-making tips in Minecraft is also quite simple and easy to learn. Survival games like Minecraft, Fallout Shelter can attract players in a way. easily by its attractive gameplay. You can refer to the article on playing Fallout Shelter on your computer, an attractive 2D survival game to try out the Fallout Shelter game.
One piece of information for you is that, now with Minecraft Launcher, players have the right to choose many different versions to play Minecraft on their computer, instead of installing a single version like before, just download Minecraft Launcher and install then choose the version you want to play.

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