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Passionate about livestream while climbing the mountain, male streamer died tragically

The victim was identified as TEDZU, a male streamer Japanese. An unfortunate incident happened when TEDZU decided to conquer Mount Fuji in extremely adverse weather conditions. In fact, climbing activities, visiting the mountain have ended since September due to heavy snow cover. However, this male streamer still defies danger, even walking while walking live stream above Twitch and in the end unexpected consequences happened.


Before that, the male streamer also told his audience that the road was very difficult to walk because of the heavy snow, even he himself did not know if he was “on the right path”. Despite the dangerous terrain and extreme weather, TEDZU still tried to livestream on Twitch, making his hands almost freeze: “My hands are about to freeze, but I still have to adjust my phone. I should have brought a warm pack.” When the accident happened, TEDZU was climbing almost to the top of the mountain. In the final moments, only the male streamer’s voice can be heard shouting: “I slipped.”

After many people watching the livestream reported the incident to the police, the authorities sent rescuers to search for TEDZU and found his body lying at an altitude of more than 3000m.


While Twitch is known to be livestream platform the biggest game in the world, many people also use the platform to live stream about their lives. Unfortunately, TEDZU is not the only case where viewers have to witness tragic deaths on the air. Just last month, a German gunman opened fire on innocent people outside a synagogue and livestreamed the whole thing on Twitch or like the New Zealand mosque shootings, the attacker shouted “Post! signed PewDiePie” before killing 51 people.

Back to the TEDZU incident, although the cause of his death was not really due to the livestream, it was really too much when climbing the mountain in bad weather conditions and not paying attention to the road because he was busy with the livestream. hazardous. No matter how passionate we are, we need to be very careful to avoid such unfortunate situations from happening.​

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