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Take pictures with gamers wearing full underwear carefree playing outside the net shop

Net shop can be considered as the residence of many of the most complex components, so here, encountering “difficult”, odd, muddy components is a common occurrence. Profanity, cursing, likes to cause trouble, unhygienic, loitering outside the shop for months without bathing, staying overnight and not coming home, long debts, etc. other sun”.

Recently, on a group for people net businessa shop owner also shared a super difficult image of a young man sitting at the shop but wearing only one pair of underwear in front of so many guests, making many people “hot eyes”.


Of course, one can sympathize with gamers that when you are too engrossed in the battle, it is understandable to feel restless and hot inside, especially in the hot summer. So the image of young men in shorts, topless sitting and playing games can be seen often. But wearing only the right underwear leisurely sitting and playing games in the middle of the day in front of so many people is really offensive, especially when the shop has female customers.

Catch the eye of this image, many net shop owner could not help but look bored. As one shop owner commented, “I don’t even let my shop naked, like this, how can a female customer dare to sit on her uncle”, or “If you enter my shop, you will eat a dragon’s foot like this”. But there are also people who are more easygoing and sloppy: “Regular customers should ignore it, if anyone dares to shop at my shop, it’s natural, strangers are right.”


After all, the net shop is still a crowded place, so gamers should keep the minimum politeness no matter what they do so as not to affect others. If you want to be free and comfortable, then it’s best for gamers to arrange their own games at home!​

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