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Female streamer burst into tears when she reached 1000 subs after 7 years

While Twitch full of streamer with an audience and subscribers giant, less well-known streamers often don’t have the same support, and the climb to the top can be long and seemingly never-ending.

That can make hitting major milestones even more special, as WickedSarah found out when she hit 1000 subscribers, an emotional moment that brought her to tears.


When you are stream games Modern Warfare on November 4, WickedSarah began receiving a large number of subscribers, eventually taking the number from about 300 to more than 900 subscribers.

As the stream was about to end, she received 91 more registrations, leaving her sprawled on the floor in surprise, unable to believe the number she had just reached.

After spending a few minutes on the floor, WickedSarah finally returned to her chair, wiping away tears as she tried to see what she should do next.


“What can I say now? I am shivering. I went from 300 subs, which I thought I didn’t even deserve, let alone 1000. I try every day just to hope that you will be my friend. I. This is beyond amazing. I feel really confused. I do not know what to do now. I wish I could give you something, anything.”

WickedSarah’s journey as a streamer began in 2012, but after seeing some success with games like Black Ops 2 and GTA V, she admits that the move to live stream diversity has influenced her channel, even if she prefers it. Her return to Call of Duty with Modern Warfare has been a huge hit.

For many Twitch streamers, reaching 1000 subscribers is something they can only dream of and hitting that milestone clearly means a lot to WickedSarah as she can’t contain her emotions as she celebrates the moment. that.​

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