Overwhelmed by the massive PK equipment of Swordsman VNG

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VNG Swordsman is webgame role-playing swordplay has just been released recently. Just like most other swordplay games, Swordsman possesses a series of equipment for characters to use when PK. However, gamers will be surprised when only owning 1 class of assassin characters, but the number of equipment in the game is up to 10. And each equipment also has many types with separate features. Lake for you to choose and change tactics when PK.

Let’s take a look at the outstanding equipment series of this unique webgame!

Divine Equipment – ​​PK . Mastery
Referring to the series of PK equipment directly in Swordsman, it is impossible to ignore 3 extremely powerful and powerful equipment skills: Dark Air, Soldier Soul and Spirit Air.

Dark Air Effect

Dark Air is the most unique PK equipment of this game. The Dark Qi system with 7 types has distinct characteristics. Not only can limit the opponent’s damage, some are also capable of blinding, paralyzing, or even rioting, creating tremendous damage that makes the opponent unable to react. Dark Qi works quite discreetly and unexpectedly, so it will be difficult for the opponent to predict when you will deliver the finishing blow or turn the game around. Too great, right.

Mighty Soldiers, gently swinging and slashing

Meanwhile, Binh Soul shows the bravery of the character. Not only has high damage power, each attack, this equipment also creates extremely beautiful effects. The system of Soldiers of Swordsman can be considered the most in the current swordplay games. With up to 11 items, players can completely transform tactics and combine with other equipment without worrying about being caught.

Unlike the above two types, players can combine many types of Spirits, providing extremely effective defense and PK support skills. It can both create a defensive shield, reduce damage, heal and increase vitality for self and teammates, and can create clones, increase attack power, and disperse the attention of opponents. The player’s job is just to have a reasonable calculation to balance between attack and defense, achieving the highest combat efficiency.

Beautiful Spirit Weapon Skill

Strengthen with 7 very beautiful and unique equipment
In addition to Dark Weapons, Soldiers and Spirits that directly affect the character’s PK skills, Sword Guest also owns 7 items of equipment that support movement, increase combat power and beautify the character.

Riding Animals are extremely majestic and beautiful

The beautiful series of Riding Animals not only increases the player’s vitality when PK, but also creates majesty when the character rides on them to move. Meanwhile, Mac Chong is considered a pet that always stands by and supports you in most battles on the battlefield. Sword Guest’s Dress has a very unique design, with its own personality and use.

The Boi Su system is also quite diverse with more than 10 unique dishes. Each of these pieces of jewelry has its own unique design and effect. In addition, to increase the fighting power and beautify the character of the PK gas, players can equip more Footprints, Spirit Battles and Dragon Souls. These are all unique, diverse and easy to collect equipment.

Very impressive series of hidden masks

In particular, VNG Swordsman also owns a very unique masking system, with a diverse and impressive design. This is not only an equipment that makes a character’s own mark, but also brings its own set of skills to support PK.
To better explore the massive equipment system as well as the unique skills that this series of equipment brings, gamers go to Swordsman VNG today and experience the feeling of PK with these unique equipment. !

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