Lost a million dollar tournament just because the handle… disconnected

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“Handle disconnect” was voted as one of the scariest moments of users Xbox Live, and for Tyler “Spartan” Ganza, it might even be the most disappointing and sad moment. In the world final tournament Halo Recently, when his team was fighting together for the top 3 of the tournament, his controller suddenly… disconnected.

Ganza and his team, Reciprocity, are having a match against Team Envy. The two are at a 3-3 draw after 6 maps, and are forced to enter the decisive 7th map. Ganza is having a great performance, until his controller suddenly disconnects.

Lacking a key position, his team immediately fell into a losing position. Although Ganza later returned, the opposing team was able to steal the camo and take control of the match. When the game ended, Team Envy won by getting more kills. With the final score 4-3, Reciprocity had to leave the tournament in 4th place and watch their opponents move on.

In a post-match interview, Justin “Pistola” Deese – a member of Team Envy – shared: “I really feel bad for them, because of the problem of the controller disconnect, but I also don’t know what to do. nothing about it.”

As for Ganza, he probably doesn’t know what to say, other than tweeting an image with the sharing: “This will be the only negative tweet I will post”.


Sad day for Ganza and the Reciprocity team, good luck next time, and don’t forget to use a wired controller when participating in the tournament.​

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