These are the most anticipated role-playing games in the country of pandas

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first. Nine Wilds Fairy Tales


As an introduced role-playing game with diverse gameplay, Cuu Hoang Tien Ky possesses a diverse and beautiful skill set, this can be said to be a game with its own style in martial arts games. beta, so the developer always acknowledges the player’s contribution, which is reflected in the system of combining the dharmas, fostering, making friends … more and more perfect.

2. Blood Spirit Judgment


Possessing its own 3D graphics, Blood Spirit continues to be another beautiful role-playing game that in China is receiving great attention from the first half. The game takes the Nine Tieu Mainland as the main context, allowing players to enjoy the magical beauty of the first half world. The game is currently in closed beta, all information you can see here.

3. Vo Lam Foreign Story


Known as a 3D role-playing mobile game, with a diverse storyline and gameplay, the game not only inherits the quintessence of 11 years of online games, but also reproduces the original gameplay and traditional maps. . The game has 4 occupations with diverse skill sets, producing beautiful moves. Surely the game will recreate a classic time of the online game version.

4. Great Qin Empire Feng Yun Luc


You want to be a hero, you want to go back to ancient times, you want to change history. So try it now with the role-playing game Dai Qin Empire Phong Van Luc, the highlight of the game is that you can completely hang up the computer and still perform the task to level up… Join the game you will become the characters. Historical objects such as Hoa Mulan, Lu Bu… Game open beta on 9/3, you can refer to the game information at the link below​​

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