Dragon Ball Legends reveals unprecedented character in 7 Dragon Balls

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Fan 7 Dragon Balls in general and Mobile gamers in particular have just received very happy news when the super product Dragon Ball Legends will land on Android and iOS. This game will mark the first time that a true fighting product with a strong PvP-focused gameplay in the world of 7 Dragon Balls hits the mobile market.


However, that is not the only strength that Dragon Ball Legends brings.. Accordingly, this Mobile Game also owns a unique character that fans have never seen before. And of course, that is a “countryman” of Goku.​

Dragon Ball Legends game trailer.

The first affirmation is that this character, in addition to appearing in the new trailer of Dragon Ball Legends, has never shown his face in any Dragon Ball product before. Above all, this character is also written by the author himself Akira Toriyama pen. However, just from the appearance alone, we can guess a few details about this person’s background.


The first thing that fans can notice is that he is bloodline Saiyan. With the hair, the face and above all the armor.. we can trust the Saiyan species has just appeared a completely fat member. However, this character’s armor has a completely different color from the standard Saiyan armor in the 7th universe. This makes fans wonder if this warrior is from the 6th universe where the costume is. Saiyan’s are more green.


However, a detail in the trailer completely disproves this. Yes, that’s the tail, the only trait of the Saiyan race in universe 7. Remember when Vegeta first met Cabba – a Saiyan warrior from universe 6, he said that the armor he was wearing was bears similarities with the armor of the ancient Saiyan warriors – before the time Frieza came and colonized the planet Vegeta.

This detail makes fans think immediately Yamoshi – the first Saiyan who can transform and is honored by legends as a God Super Saiyan. Although he has Saiyan blood, Yamoshi is always determined to cleanse the cruelty of this race. And so he and his 5 comrades stood up against the mighty Saiyan army. When cornered, Yamoshi unexpectedly activated his Super Saiyan transformation for the first time and soon became a legend ever since.


However, so far, there has been no confirmation from the developer that this is Yamoshi. Perhaps we will have to wait and see who this character really is and what impact it will have on the world of 7 Dragon Balls. Currently, Dragon Ball Legends is expected to release on Mobile this year and Emergenceingame.Com will update the download address for readers as soon as the game is released.​

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