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It is known that up to now, the system has recorded more than 100K registration and joining the guild. According to the published roadmap, this legendary Fantasy game will officially launch at 10:00 on May 13.

Android users have downloaded the game right now

Immediately after the official launch information was announced by the Publisher, gamers were overwhelmed with emotions and eager to touch this legendary continent. Currently on fanpage and game groups are very active with activities towards the game release date:​

  • Vote app 5 stars: 11/05
  • Loan launch: May 8-12 receive giftcode worth up to 500K
  • Change avatar frame: May 8-13 to receive VIP code
  • Honor for dedication: 07 – 23:59 on May 13, receive T-shirts, gloves, scarves, hot codes
Change the avatar frame to receive VIP code to celebrate the game’s launch

Forsaken World: Mainland Gods and Demons is a Fantasy product of the manufacturer Perfect World, the game has all 7 character classes (14 factions). Each class has 2 types of skill development to help players choose the way they like to play, easily gaining reputation in the community.

The system of features in the game is also very rich in both PvP and PvE types, in which activities for guilds are considered a feature of the game. Guilds (Guild Wars, Battlefield PvP, Inter-Server Battles) are a feature available Forsaken World: Ghost mainland gods favor and focus on development. This feature promises to make gamers restless in the fascinating, but equally dangerous and challenging continent.

May 13 – Forsaken World: The Demon Continent reincarnated a Fantasy legend

It is known that on the occasion of the official launch, the publisher will send to the community millions of giftcodes of great value, deploy many exciting activities with detailed beginner instructions, enthusiastically interact at fanpage, group meeting, etc. Forsaken World: God Ma Mainland hopes to bring players a really exciting and memorable summer with great game experiences.​

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