Marking 6 months of launch, Tam Quoc Liet Truyen launches Big Update, giving away 500 Giftcode HOT

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What did Three Kingdoms Lies Story more prominent than many titles strategy game on the market? Recreate the story of fighting Wei – Thuc – Ngo, “brain twisting” gameplay and majestic character shaping, this game has really connected a large, civilized and love-loving community of players. tactical thinking game. And the battle between hundreds of veteran gamers becomes more attractive than ever thanks to the constantly updated features, satisfying both the eyes and the true feelings of gamers.

Big Update to celebrate 6 months of debut of Three Kingdoms List of Tales has been officially released

On the occasion of the 6th anniversary of its launch, Tam Quoc Liet Truyen has also officially entertained gamers with the latest Big Update. In this update, Thien Menh Chu Du will debut with unparalleled skills in the world, a gift for dealing powerful damage to opponents, promising to be a warmly sought-after general next to Thien Menh Lu Bo and Thien Menh. Destiny Zhuge Liang. Not stopping there, the new Update also adds a feature of Air Spirit to increase the damage rate for all types of troops and the supplement to help gamers collect new Tu Tu martial arts.

Thien Menh Chu Du enters a bloody battle that can avoid violent attacks and damage opponents, restore his fighting spirit, deal damage to the entire battlefield and fascinate the enemy into a state of silence.

The Update has been released, NPH Gamota would like to give the luckiest players 500 extremely valuable giftcodes. The extremely hot Giftcode set has an expiry date until the end of February 26, 2021:​

  • 20000 Military Law Sun Tzu
  • 200 Thousand Coins
  • 200 Wan Liang
  • 200 General Orders
  • 200 Linh Dan

Learn more about the Big Update and the Three Kingdoms of Lies at:

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