Genshin Impact – A must-know for beginners

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Genshin Impact could say RPG Hottest at the moment when attracting a huge number of players after only a short time of launch. With top-notch graphics, the open world in the game is as big and beautiful as blockbusters of the same genre on the market like The Witcher 3 or Breath of Wild. In this article, Emergenceingame.Com will provide a few helpful tutorials for beginners.

Spending money is not necessary


Although it cost up to $100 million in development but released for free, of course Genshin Impact must have some way to make a profit – the “Gacha” system – where players can spend money to make money. buy high-level characters. With a rather low rate – 0.6% for a 5 star character, this system is quite tempting however, you can definitely survive with only 4 star characters or even lower. Moreover, by playing the game every day and completing the quests, players can still earn a decent amount of money to buy items as they like.

Food storage


This is the main healing method in Genshin as it helps to restore HP. Meals that can be cooked over a campfire are scattered throughout the journey. Sometimes, you will have to go a long time without any recovery – stocking up on food is extremely important for your character to survive to the end.

Level up weapons and characters as soon as possible


In Genshin Impact, the character level will increase based on exploration and combat. You need to regularly check the character’s stats because the game will not notify you when it is possible to advance to the next level. Also, strengthen weapons regularly. Just pick a random weapon from the start and stick with it instead of relying on luck waiting for a high tier weapon. Remember to equip all possible items for your character and use them flexibly, some are quite powerful and can make a lot of difference during combat.

Collect everything you see


There are many items to collect in Genshin Impact, from fruit to a drop of slime after killing goo enemies. Most items can be used to cook or enhance equipment, so just collect everything because you never know when it will be needed.

Focus on increasing Adventurer’s Rank


Adventurer’s Rank is obtained by exploring the game world, completing quests and finding new treasures. It shows how much experience you have gained and helps you unlock some higher quality items and weapons. Therefore, if you want to unlock a lot of items in the shops and get the best equipment, focus on exploring and completing quests to level up instead of just leveling.

In addition, Adventurer’s Rank is also a necessary element to unlock the co-op feature in Genshin Impact. Plowing the rank is also quite simple, you only need a few hours to explore the game. The first 5-10 hours is a pretty solitary solo experience but after Adventurer’s Rank reaches level 16 and completes part of the main storyline you can fight alongside your friends.

Flexible switching between characters


In Genshin Impact, you will play a group of 4 characters at the same time. You must flexibly switch between characters to create elemental combos and combo attacks. With 20 characters currently in the game, you’ll find lots of interesting combinations of weapons and elements.

Of course, these are just a few basic notes, Genshin Impact still has a lot of interesting things that you need to find out for yourself.​

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