This top-notch inter-server activity makes Phong Khoi Truong An extremely appreciated

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Only a few short days left, Phong Khoi Truong An will officially Open Beta after a short time Alpha Test attracts a lot of players. Most are identified by their “genuine” cross-server PvP features, this game is definitely a “spiritual food” not to be missed in today’s role-playing game market.


In addition to letting gamers experience the most complete swordplay world, full of enthusiasm and blood, Phong Khoi Truong An also offers a playground dedicated to true brothers with many guild bonding activities. The Xa Tac Do activity is the place where the Thieu Hiep can confidently show their ability to command the battle with their brothers to kill and punish the four sides.


Xa Tac Do event will take place from 9pm to 9pm every Monday and Thursday, players need to reach level 220 to open the event. After the event is opened, the system will automatically randomly assign each server in the current server cluster a level 1 base, which can be attacked and taken by the enemy. In the middle of the stronghold, there will be a path connected by virtual lines, after the state captures the city, it will be defaulted to the Defense faction to defend other states from attacking the castle.

Clans can still cross the lane between castles to attack other castles that have not yet been captured. The more cities captured, the greater the benefits received from the BOSS such as: no fees when entering the castle to fight the Boss, increasing the rate of Rare items drop.


As soon as they receive a level 1 base, the Guild Master needs to immediately lead the whole clan to gather at the citadel and capture Long Tru as quickly as possible. The quick capture of the original citadel will create a great advantage for the invasion of more empty cities or the cities of other factions. After capturing the first citadel, the virtual links become real roads, at this time the master and deputy guild need to allocate clan members appropriately. Exploratory, defensive, and large numbers of new cities are needed to increase the income of the State. Exploration positions require players to have quick tactical reflexes, move and search for new cities, update the situation of other States’ goalkeepers and inform the Bang brothers.


The more members a clan has, the greater its advantage in promotion activities. The division into small groups to conquer many cities at once requires the Guild Master to be able to lead, strategize and exhort the brothers in the Clan to agree to fight. Xa Tac Do activity is not only a stimulating and passionate “spice” for Phong Khoi Truong An gamers, but also a place to show the solidarity and efforts of all Bang members.


In addition to Tac Do Commune, which is an unforgettable “highlight”, Phong Khoi Truong An also owns a series of rich inter-server PvE and PvP activities such as: Chien Mac Bac, Lang Ve, Giang Ho Loan, Vo Dao Hoi,… All Both are waiting for gamers to discover in Phong Khoi Truong An, gamers can now pre-register Phong Khoi Truong An to prepare for the upcoming launch date HERE.

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