PUBG suddenly revealed a new Map named Paramo

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will update a brand new map. The developer is rolling out more suggestions for fans. Wooden crates containing fragments of a stele and letters referring to ‘Paramo’ have been sent to representatives of the player community PUBG and all point to the upcoming big update.

Data miner PlayerIGN posted pictures of the wooden crate with a letter sealed with wax. The letter refers to the excavation in Paramo and the fact that researchers broke the stele into nine pieces to secretly move to another place. On the rocks are inscriptions written in a mysterious language and the PUBG community is currently working on deciphering them.


In the announcement attached to the wooden crates, PUBG Corp wrote: “Perhaps you’ll be able to decipher the inscription and – if many people can – let’s unlock the intriguing storyline of the game together.” new map in Season 9.” The word “Paramo” is often used to describe mountainous tropical areas, often in South America, so this could be the setting for this map.

The letter also mentions the arrival of helicopters over the excavation site. A member of the PUBG development team shared an image of some of the helicopters in the game a month ago, hinting that it’s the player’s new means of transportation – and possibly a feature of the game. new map.


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