The most dangerous race on the planet Dakar has a beautiful game version

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As you know Dakar racetrack is one of the deadliest races in the world with accidents occurring in almost every race, even though it is life-threatening but every year this race still happens. attracts thousands of adventurous people. From real life to the game, the developer of Dakar said that the game will realistically simulate each content and detail of this most dangerous race.


According to the developer’s introduction: “ This is the biggest open world game of all previous racing gamesThis gives us hope that the map in the game will be extremely large and the racing terrain cannot be more difficult, giving players the most thrilling, adventurous, adventurous races so you have found the right one. place.


The game will be full of vehicles like in real life and differentiated into 5 types including trucks, motos, cars, off-road vehicles, SxS. Besides, the game is also divided into single player mode and online / offline multiplayer mode. In the recently released trailer, the game’s graphics are very lively, the slow-motion scenes add a dramatic look that many people mistakenly think they are watching the race in the real world. If you feel the game is too easy, then rest assured, a good game is still ahead, with the appearance of sandstorms, rocky terrain… promising to bring you unprecedented experiences in racing games. car before.

As planned, the game will be released this year on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms, if you are interested, you can refer to the game’s official page by following the link below:

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