Overwatch: Next update rebalances support class and Mercy will be heavily nerfed

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Overwatch’s next update will bring major balance changes to most of the support heroes in the game. As Geoff Goodman pointed out on the Blizzard forums, the goal is for “these heroes to compete against each other”. This means that a lot of support heroes will be buffed, while Mercy will be nerfed to encourage players to pick other supports.

Ana, Brigitte, Lucio and Moira will be adjusted, but Mercy is the main target: the effectiveness of the main heal is reduced by 17%, from 60 HP per second to 50.

“Mercy’s aim is to continuously pump more blood than the other hearlers throughout the match. While this is true, the difference in healing is much more than other healers, making it difficult for other heroes to compete with her,” explained Goodman. “Reducing her healing will shorten this distance a bit, but Mercy is still the hero of choice for direct healing. We’ll continue to keep an eye on Mercy to make sure she’s still getting a lot of picks.”

Brigitte was also nerfed, but only slightly: Shield Bash’s cooldown increased from 6 seconds to 7 seconds, giving “a little more room to counter it”.

In terms of buffs, Ana’s Nano Boost will instantly heal the target for 300 HP in addition to the damage dealt and increased resistance. Lucio’s Sound Barrier is also increased from 500 shields to 750 and Crossfade’s aura radius is increased from 10 to 12m, and Moira’s base health regeneration will be increased by 20%.

The only support that hasn’t been tweaked is Zenyatta, “the team feels the hero is doing fine,” said Goodman. “Zenyatta is doing a good job as both healer and damage and can create Discord Orb for allies.”

An official launch date for these changes hasn’t been mentioned by Goodman, but it will be “soon” on the PTR server.

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