Left 4 Dead 3 is confirmed on the official page, but..

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In these busy year-end days, the good news of the virtual world will surely help us gamers enjoy Tet more deliciously.. However, that is not why we can avoid depressing news, especially especially the recent incident revolved around the name Left 4 Dead made so many fans angry.

Accordingly, it was only a few hours ago because of the official Fanpage of Left 4 Dead 2 – super product FPS get the Zombie theme of Valve, suddenly posted a very mysterious image. There this photo depicts a zombie arm, which is familiar to Left 4 Dead fans through the game trailer. However, this photo is different in that it only has “three fingers”, making gamers immediately come to a conclusion Left 4 Dead 3 preparation is confirmed by Valve.


However, immediately a few fans realized there was something shady behind this photo. Accordingly, as pointed out by the Steam Database, less than a day ago the official Facebook account of Left 4 Dead 2 was taken down and someone quickly took over the Fanpage’s URL. Previously, the Left 4 Dead 2 Fanpage officially attracted more than 1 million Likes, but now it is just a personal page.


As if to confirm this is just a joke that can’t be more evil, this Fanpage immediately posted a mock-up photo based on a photo allegedly of Left 4 Dead 3 before. Currently, this Fanpage has been renamed to Ted Carson – who is a member of the Left 4 Dead 2 development team. It is unclear if this is the real Ted Carson or just a joke.


Indeed, this is unbelievably depressing news for fans Left 4 Dead in particular and Valve products in general. For a moment we actually thought Valve was changing its tradition of not counting to three.

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