Gamer’s opinion about the Wudang faction in the Sword of Glory 2 before the big update January 24

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As the first major version of the game, also the first appearance of a new faction, Unparalleled Pride 2 receive attention, discussion, and evaluation from gamers who have played and are watching. The explosion of Nga My “banh beo” or Cai Bang “beggar” is too big at the moment, making many people look forward to new things from Wudang, expect to be tested soon. In addition, on the page introducing the version of Tai Chi Xue The world on January 24, NKVS2 also brought a lot of hope to players, when there was a move to adjust the balance of the sect.

Wudang deserves the title of “pioneering the core”

Regarding Wudang alone, the first attraction is the appearance of this sect that makes the men agree. With the criterion of ‘beautiful but majestic’, the character of Wudang is always associated with the image of a man with an elegant appearance, high hair, well-dressed, bold character, and a gentleman.

Using the same Sword, but compared to Kunlun, it seems that Wudang is easier to please both male and female gamers thanks to his appearance and flexible control skill set, “soft and tough”. Same as in many online games On the other hand, Wudang belongs to the Tho sect, so he has the ability to counter Nga My and relieve the inhibitions of other factions. But also quite a few gamers feel regret, because this version has not yet added the Water-type to fight the unstoppable power of Cai Bang.

Wudang’s beautiful combos

However, it is also difficult to say that Wudang did not do well before Cai Bang. Wudang is more of a control style, this ability is both beneficial when solo, and brings good effects to teammates to kill. If facing a high dodge, revived, fast running, paralyzed palm, etc., it is unlikely that Wudang has no chance of winning if he works hard to max out his control skill and increase the power in the last move Wan Sword. Quy Tong. Therefore, it can be said that the launch of the Wudang sect is when the balance of the sects in the game will be disturbed.

Wudang is famous for his Wan Kiem Quy Tong move

Up to now, Wudang has always been a comprehensive martial art, taking the soft, hardening, static mode as the main martial art, suitable for all PK or clone formations, suitable for people with strong personalities. , capable of covering the whole battlefield. With his strong control ability, promoting a variety of attacks, and knowing how to support his teammates, Wudang is expected to be an indispensable sect in skirmishes. If you are a gentle girl, you can still choose Wudang, take the role of a solid rear, silently control the target, help your teammates strike accurately and destroy quickly.


Faced with this situation, it seems that on the day this sect is released, the number of players switching factions will take place strongly because the appearance of Wudang at this time is really necessary for the situation in the Unparalleled Swordsman 2. A lot of big changes may take place in this game, let’s wait for new updates in the upcoming version of Tai Chi on January 24.

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