Fortnite overtakes PUBG as the game with the most simultaneous players

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PUBG is the hottest game at the moment, so there’s no doubt about having many players at the same time, but recently the name of PUBG’s usurpation has made many people wonder if PUBG is slowly cooling down. .


The name mentioned here is quite surprising indeed Fortnite from Epic Games house. At about September 2017 a ranking was announced and the top name was none other than PUBG with more than 1 million people participating at the same time, at that time the name Fortnite was almost lost. suck. Recently PUBG has grown to 3 million 200 thousand people and it is impossible to predict anything, up to now Fortnite has usurped the throne with 3 million 400 thousand people participating at the same time, 200,000 people more than 200 thousand people. PUBG.


With such numbers, gamers are also more or less worried because too many people accessing at the same time will lead to unstable transmission, affecting their playing process. However, Epic Games must be very happy with this good news, despite having some problems with the server, but they have also released a notice of instructions and are gradually fixing the error.


With the question that PUBG is gradually cooling down many people ask, gamers have voiced their “defendants” and explained that this may be because the child of the Epic Games family is completely free and moreover added a similar mode. with PUBG. It must be said again and again that it is difficult for any game to surpass PUBG in terms of sales as well as the popularity of gamers.​

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