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“Heavy” the Malaysian boy’s photo series of suppressing Superheroes doing housework

Recently, a very close set of photos with the superhero character The popularity of a Malaysian guy is becoming the center of attention of netizens. It is worth mentioning that the photos are not the product of any photoshop manipulation, nor the result of elaborate staging, but purely thanks to an ordinary smartphone, nothing more and nothing less.


The only thing special to be able to produce such a powerful photo is thanks to the arrangement and the extremely skillful selection of the shooting angle of the owner of the series. It can be easily understood that the guy has shown his creativity through 3 simple steps as below.


Not only taking close photos together, with creativity, installation thinking and humor, this Malaysian guy also turns himself into a “tycoon” when he can command a series of kings. Super hero do all the housework. From sweeping the yard, drying clothes, carrying tables and chairs, to holding a newspaper to wrap papaya in the garden…, along with countless other lovely moments.

It is known that the owner of this “heavy” photo series is Wire Hon, a crazy fan of comic book superheroes. He is also the owner of a huge collection of plastic statues, gathering almost no shortage of superheroes from both Marvel and DC comics – which is the cast of characters gathered in the 1-0-2 series of photos below. this!

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