Fortnite released a new Update for gamers to defeat enemies in silence

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Despite the reputation of being a fake PUBG But Fortnite still building themselves a large community thanks to the free model. With this game, players can freely enjoy the style Battle Royale without having to spend a dime. Therefore, the game also receives more attention, especially through the Updates that drastically change the gameplay of the game.


Fortnite’s new update today also has the same value when it comes to allowing players to get their hands on new versions of weapons and the ability to operate more accurately than before. The first change is the SMG – Submachine gun, with a silenced version that allows gamers to act more silently in Fortnite. This gun will have three versions as common, uncommon and rare.


Along with that, Fortnite’s assault rifle system has also been changed in terms of operability. There, the per-shot accuracy deduction is reduced to 20%, the recoil is reduced to 20% and the speed of returning to the old accuracy level after firing is also increased by 20%. This allows gamers to make bullets more accurate and faster than before… as well as being more vulnerable to enemy fire.


An interesting thing about this Update is that Fortnite’s “rocket ride” will not be removed but may officially become a function in the game. For those of you who don’t know, Fortnite gamers can use special tricks to let their teammates ride on rockets and move across the map. This helps them get to the desired place or attack the enemy from above.

If readers have not had the opportunity to experience Fortnite, you can see instructions to download the game directly here:


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