PUBG adds a new vehicle, for gamers to drive and shoot at the same time

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The most anticipated feature of patch 9.2 definitely the ability to fire weapons while driving. Players can use this feature on all vehicles except boats and BRDM armored vehicles. The only limitation of New feature is that the vehicle’s power will be slightly reduced during reloading, but this is easily offset by the following advantages: the aiming camera is fixed and all weapons have improved damage increase, aiming, ADS movement speed and many other details. The patch note also emphasizes that “the purpose of the new feature is to make all secondary weapons more ‘effective’ in the game, not just vehicles”. Readers can follow the full content of the patch note here.

Dirt Bike is a new vehicle that can reach speeds of 130km/h and is super maneuverable on many terrains. This vehicle has only one driver’s seat, appears on all maps except Karakin and will replace 50% of the existing motorcycles in the game.

Another outstanding feature of the version Update 9.2 to be Bride Battle Pass. The special reward of the Bride Battle Pass is the costume of the character Sadiya, a rather bold wedding dress. After purchasing the battle pass, the player has 28 days to unlock the skin by reaching level 15.


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