The suspect in the police call that killed the gamer has been arrested

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The suspect, 25-year-old Tyler Barriss, has been arrested for possible involvement in a “swatting” incident that left one person dead last week, a Los Angeles police spokesman said. “Swatting” is a term for a dangerous prank in the US in which the prankster will call 911 to report a fake emergency, resulting in an armed unit being sent to the address. of the victim.


In this case, an anonymous person called 911 and claimed to have just shot and killed his father, while holding his mother and younger brother hostage. He also claimed to still have a weapon (a pistol) and threatened to douse the house with gasoline. This person has twice provided the victim’s home address during the conversation.


As a result, police forces surrounded the house and shot and killed Andrew Finch (28 years old) as soon as he opened the door. Police believe the victim was ordered to raise his hand, but he moved it to his hip area. Due to the suspicion that the enemy had a weapon, the police had shoot. Finch was later determined to be unarmed.

After the incident, the gaming community Call of Duty related the incident to an in-game friction between two gamers nicknamed “Miruhcle” and “Baperizer”. According to tweets and messages between the two, Baperizer contacted a person nicknamed “Swautistic” to do a case. swatting to Miruhcle’s house. Miruhcle’s address leads to victim Andrew Finch’s home.

It is still unclear which of the two gamers, Tyler Barriss, is a gamer with the nicknames Baperizer and Swautistic. A gamer with the nickname Tommy “ZooMaa” Paparratto alleges that Swautistic nick had threatened to perform swatting in the past. Meanwhile, the victim’s mother – Lisa Finch affirmed “My child is not a gamer”.​

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