Nintendont – Expand the Wii game library with more than 300 cool Gamecube titles

Love Nintendo games and own Wii game consoles, but the number of Wii titles you have is almost there “destroy the island” It’s almost over then what to do next? Know that the Wii is backward compatible with the Gamecube, but to play the Gamecube copy is quite difficult because finding and buying the Gamecube, Save Gamecube and the copy disc and the Gamecube download source is almost extinct.

Congratulations on GBATemp there is a great solution that is Nintendont – Homebrew playing Gamecube on the Wii via a portable hard drive (Like if you play Wii games on the hard drive, no need to load the disc) and nShop simultaneously. also expanded the number of unique Gamecube games for customers to copy games to more than 300 titles.

Nintendont is what it sounds like – this homebrew does what Nintendo doesn’t:

  • Play Gamecube game loaded via mobile hard drive (Or SD card)
  • Wii and Wii U compatible (Via the Wii U’s vWii)
  • Support save games on hard drive through Save Card emulator
  • Supports multiplayer play
  • Diverse Controller Support: Gamecube Controlller, Wiimote + Nunchuck, Classic Controller, Classic Pro Controller …
  • 100% compatible with Gamecube games played on Wii

Instructions to install Nintendont for Wii:

  • Download this package:
  • Extract the file, you get the nintendo folder, into that folder copy the apps and Forwarder folders to the root of the hard drive or root the memory card depending on you use the HDD or SD (root means the root directory, the outermost of the memory card / hard drive)
  • Go to the homebrew channel -> Load Nintendont -> Load game play

For those who want to create a Nintendont Channel from the Home Menu which is convenient to load, use Wad Manager or any Wad installer and install the file “Nintendont for Wii.wad” or “Nintendont for Wii-U.wad” (Depending on your usage. Wii or Wii U)

Your hard drive / memory card structure is correct after copying it will contain the following files:

> Card User: SD: /apps/Nintendont/boot.dol

> Hard Drive User: USB1: /apps/Nintendont/boot.dol

Instructions to install the game Gamecube to the memory card / SD:

Gamecube you download the iso file to remove the following structure:

SD: / games /whatever you want/game.iso
SD: / games /whatever you want/disc2.iso

USB1: / games /whatever you want/game.iso
USB1: / games /whatever you want/disc2.iso

Note that the games folder is not renamed, only renamed whatever you want into a game name for easy management, the game.iso file must always be “game.iso” for the program to receive. If the game has disc 2, then disc 2 change to disc.iso to share the folder.

Gamecube game controller on the Wii:

You can use the available Wiiremote + Nunchuck to play the game (Nunchuck required) or buy a Pro Controller hand, use the Gamecube hand as you like.

Save cards for playing Gamecube on the Wii:

Most important to save the game while playing. You press B on the setting and enable the virtual memory card for the program to automatically create virtual save files on the hard drive and save the game instead of spending money and hard to find a place to sell the Gamecube save department.

That’s it, basically playing the Gamecube game on the Wii. In-depth details can be found here .

For customers who buy Wii at nShop or use the Wii hacking service at nShop, you can bring the device directly to nShop to update / install the free Nintendont program to increase the list of games that can be played on the Wii. The Gamecube list at nShop is being updated more and will be up to the list in the shortest time.

*** About the Nintendo Gamecube game console:

This is a system to compete with PS2, Xbox. The Gamecube has the same graphics as the Wii. The number of good games on this system is countless including Mario Sunshine, Zelda, Fire Emblem, Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil 1 … If you own a Wii, you should try the Gamecube games – definitely will be an enjoyable experience

Buy now a Wii that is available at nShop:

Buy more Classic Pro Controller hands to play Gamecube games easier:

The Gamecube list is available for customers to copy to a hard drive / SD / USB for only 10,000 VND / game:

Source link: Nintendont – Expand the Wii game library with more than 300 cool Gamecube titles

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