Nexon has stopped developing Final Fantasy 11 Mobile?

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Final Fantasy 11 Mobile has been in development for quite some time but according to the latest information from Korean media, Nexon – the developer of the game, has stopped this project. MTN, a Korean gaming site, said the reason for this decision was the failure to make positive progress in the development process.​


Bring a game MMORPG Mobile is always a challenge, Final Fantasy 11 As an ancient game nearly 20 years old with old systems, bringing them all onto a compact mobile device is not an easy task. There are very few MMORPGs that offer a PC-like experience on a screen as small as a mobile screen, and most of them are designed specifically for smartphones, not remakes of a super classic released in 2002.

MTN page writes:
“This is a project using Unreal 4 Engine and started development in 2016 but the process was not smooth. Since 2018, it has been assigned to Nexon One Studio, which means the direction of development has changed once again.”​


According to MTN, members of the Final Fantasy 11 Mobile development team have been assigned to work on other Nexon projects such as Project NRG or Tales Weaver M. In recent times, there has been very little information related to the title. mobile games This project was revealed, which inevitably caused many sellers to doubt whether this project was really canceled or not. Show both Nexon and Square Enix They have not responded to this information yet.

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