League of Stickman 2 blockbuster “hacking and slashing” is back

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League of Stickman is an action mobile game slash and slash horizontal screen scrolling scene. The most unique feature of this game is that the characters are taken from the MOBA game everyone knows League of Legends (League of Legends). League of Stickman allows players to play as 10 familiar generals including: Garen, Ashe, Zed, Master Yi, Wukong, Shaco, Ryze, Vi, Riven and Yasuo.


Players will have to put themselves in the game’s challenges in the form of a copy. The main task of the gamer will be to “chop and cut” without stopping to destroy all the monsters and the violent BOSS. With the amount of gold obtained each time you kill an enemy, players after each challenge can strengthen their champion through the usual feature of the RPG series to enhance equipment and level up skills. In each challenge, gamers can switch between two generals and unleash powerful combos. In addition to the PvE copies, in League of Stickman, players can also confront other players around the world to compete for the top on the leaderboard. The control mechanism of League of Stickman is easy to grasp through the familiar virtual keys of the ARPG genre.



The game’s graphics are designed on 2D graphics with dark, ghostly colors. Not only that, League of Stickman also brings familiar generals but in the style of “matchman”. Although the missions and scenes in the game seem sketchy, and the contexts are repeated many times, the skills of the characters in the game are quite elaborate, ensuring the look and the beautiful attacks, Moreover, each champion will also have different skills and characteristics. As for the game’s music, it’s really like you’re watching a horror movie, but this adds to the bloodiness of the matches. Moreover, the sound of the attack also receives love. liked by many players. In this update, the game will still keep the “quintessence” of part 1, compared to the previous version, the game maker promises to be more dramatic and bloodier, moreover the graphics will also be refined. If you are a game lover of this genre, you should not miss it. The game is available on iOS and Android platforms.

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