Does running like Naruto make you faster?

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If you consider yourself a fan of Narutoyou probably already know the classic running posture of the characters in this series: The head is kept straight, the body leans forward, the arms swing straight behind and the legs run like never before.

However, this way of running is faster than usual or not, few people know. So, should we apply it to everyday life?

To prove this, YouTube channel Because Science conducted an experiment with an athlete who won a gold medal in a sprint to find the answer to this question.


First we will find out whether the running posture of the characters in Naruto will be faster than our running posture in real life from the point of view of scientific theory? According to physics, drag is affected by many factors, including the velocity of the moving object, the density of the material it passes through, and the surface area of ​​the face of the object facing the direction it is moving.

One theory as to why Naruto was able to run so fast with such a stance might be because that way of running reduces the surface area affected by wind resistance, which in turn can reduce drag and increase speed. degree is increased.

The YouTube channel Because Science did an experiment for this run. They invited an athlete to test run a distance of 50m. As a result, running like Naruto will make you 3% slower than normal posture.


That is not to mention, running forward makes runners more tired because the distribution of body weight is not uniform, which leads to misalignment of the center of gravity in movement. Also, running like Naruto will also make you feel more dangerous and that will slow you down mentally.

So through this little experiment, we can see that running like Naruto doesn’t actually improve your speed, on the contrary it slows us down, the only thing worth it is that we look dangerous. better if you run like this.


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