PewPew: “The streamer profession is getting too popular”

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Although I gave up my job streamer for a while but sometimes PewPew still live stream to talk to fans, share many things about life with fans. When asked what he thought about streamer jobPewPew did not hesitate to share his honest thoughts.

He said: “People think that being a streamer is easy to make money, earning tens of millions of dollars a month, hundreds of millions, so people rush to work. But people can’t see far, this profession is not necessarily durable. 1-2 years later come back in hand with no experience, no relationship. That’s how I lose, but I don’t get it.”

The owner of the bakery also confided that many young people drop out of school to become streamers, youtuber, that is the wrong thing. Then come back 2-3 years later and regret it.


PewPew honestly confides in fans

“Do whatever you want, but I advise you to study no matter what age you are. Whatever you study, the more qualifications the better, foreign languages, culture, skills, and skills, don’t be lured by foreign companies with dollars. If you have knowledge, relationships, and experience, you don’t lack money.” He also asked everyone that money is to serve his life, not to run after money. then come back to what?

“For example, if I raise shrimp, I have to have a form that I am willing to lose money. A lot of people ask me why I raise shrimp, am I too much money or am I crazy? There must be short-term and long-term goals, there must be a plan.”

PewPew He’s also not afraid to talk about his income. If he continues to be a streamer, he earns a lot every month, very “huge”. He said: “The amount of money I earn a month can be equal to the money people do for a whole year, but there must be a stop, to know what is enough, how much is enough is due to each person’s thinking. I think my life right now is enough, having my parents, having a family, having time to talk to my parents, having food to eat and dress every day, a peaceful life, no collision, no hustle, no cheat, that’s too rich.”


Streamer PewPew

PewPew used to be one famous streamer online community, “terrible” income, loved by many people thanks to his extremely humorous way of speaking. Not only that, he is currently the owner of 3 “PewPew bread” establishments. Not long ago, the guy surprised fans when he announced that he was quitting his job as a streamer to focus on his future plans. Not long after, he revealed to netizens that he was in the shrimp farming business, but so far, PewPew has not shared anything specific about this business.​

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