These are the ways developers humiliate the dirty players in the game (P2)

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League of Legends

The highly competitive and famous games are always the place where the Hack/Cheat gangs gather the most. However, few people think that professional gamers, who choose to play for work, who have talent and make money by that talent, play dirty. League of Legends is one of the prime examples of this when witnessing the controversy of Team Azubu Frost.

Accordingly, at World Championship Season 2 during the match between Azubu Frost and Team SoloMid (TSM), TSM’s Chaox member reported that he saw one of Azubu’s people looking at the minimap screen during the match. This screen was originally intended for the audience below, not for gamers, as it revealed the opponent’s position. However, the TSM side also had Dyrus glances, causing the referee to then direct both Teams to continuously look ahead for the entire duration of the game. In the investigation organized by Riot Games himself, Dyrus was only warned because he just wanted to check if gamers could see the screen from the playing position, while TSM himself couldn’t. benefit because the match restarts immediately afterwards.

Woong – Azubu Frost.

But Azubu’s side was a different story because the person who looked at the screen was Woong, thanks to his actions, he directly affected the match. After the results of the investigation, Riot Games gave Azubu a fine of $ 30,000, which is not a small amount even for a team that just won the championship. However, this is not the only time Azubu and especially Woong personally got involved in the “dirty play” scandal, which made the community give a bad impression of this name many years later.

Red Dead Redemption

The game is set in the wild west of Rockstar The game has a mechanism that helps ensure the quality of the player experience, and is quite proactive against Hack/Cheat. There, those who continuously kill other players, whether Hack/Cheat or not, will be labeled “Player Killer” by the game. Players with the Player Killer label will constantly be put at a disadvantage when Red Dead Redemption allows victims who die at their hands to be able to teleport to wherever they want. Not to mention that the Player Killers will be hunted down anytime, anywhere by law enforcement in the game. This system is a pretty good way to prevent Hack/Cheat, besides the purpose of preserving a fair game environment when eliminating the “bullying” behavior of weaker gamers.


Monster Hunter 3

Capcom does have a funny way of poking fun at Hack/Cheat hands in the game. In 2009 when Monster Hunter 3 came out with Online mode, many players used dirty tools to gain an advantage over other players. For those who are discovered by Capcom, they will receive an Email informing that their account has been banned for… 7000 thousand years (since 2009). This means they won’t be able to log back in until December 9999. Then, for some magical reason, in 9999 the account holders did not have to go back to meet their ancestors, log back in and continue playing dirty, then they would be permanently beheaded.



This survival-themed game in the Zombie world has no shortage of dirty players with all the tools like going through walls or detecting other players from a distance of several tens of kilometers. Of course, when these guys’ accounts are discovered, they will be mercilessly beheaded, officially saying goodbye to the game that costs a few dozen dollars that I just spent money to buy. But if they feel sorry and want to return to the game, they will have to follow the developer’s following request..


There, these people have to make a video of themselves bowing in apology and send it to the publisher. Of course, this video will have to be made public, so that the public can look directly at the dirty players and watch them apologize in a humiliating way. When not showing up is the only thing that some people can do their ugly deeds on the Internet, this is indeed an extremely appropriate punishment of H1Z1.

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