Miss Tru Tien 3D has not cooled down, the gaming community is feverish again with the “beautiful men” landing

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Like many players of Tru Tien 3D community As you know, the contest “Tru Tien – First Beauty” has entered the second round with the brightest faces continuing the race in the beauty arena. And all are eagerly waiting for the results to see what will be the last name to be honored on the beauty map. While the heat of this contest has not cooled down, this community of players is more feverish than ever before the arrival of a series of hot boys in the competition to find the “First America”.

In fact, this is a contest that is beyond the expectations of the game board, when Miss Tru Tien has just been launched, there are many male gamers who blame and complain that NPH has been too favorable to the sexes. Women always only organize contests to honor women, while men rarely have any beauty contests. Before the opinion of the majority of players in the community, Tru Tien’s Board of Directors decided to organize more contests to search for “First America Nam” right after Miss Tru Tien closed.

The contest has a single round, starting on March 16, ending at 23:59 on March 23, organized by gamers at Tru Tien group with the sponsorship of Bich Dao. Although it was not expected to sell first, the contest still has an extremely attractive prize value, not inferior to Miss Tru Tien.

Immediately, the contest attracted the participation of a large number of “brothers” from all guilds and servers. No one has ever seen Tru Tien 3D appeared so many hot boys. That’s how we know that our male gamers, normally don’t show off, but once they’ve “rolled in”, they only have to “show off”.

Let’s admire the portrait of the brightest men in Tru Tien 3D’s “First America” ​​contest, making the sisters see that they just want to “ovulate” immediately below!

Find out more information about Tru Tien 3D at:
Home page: https://trutien.gamota.com/
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/trutien.gamota/
Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/trutien3dmobile

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