The game dies, the developer frees the entire character set worth 12 million dollars

Paragon 3 - Emergenceingame

If you don’t know, the game mentioned here is Paragona MOBA game developed by Epic Gamesand also the studio behind Fortnite Battle Royale – the game is taking the top spot in terms of PUBG players. After 2 years of development but could not find the right path, besides the brother Fortnite Too successful and in need of more manpower, Paragon was declared dead by his father on April 26.


The “death” of a failed product is not a strange move for the gaming world. However, Epic Games surprised, when it also announced that it would upload the entire cast of characters and Paragon’s environment to the market of Paragon. Unreal Engine 4 in a free way. That means anyone can download and use these “materials” for their own Unreal Engine 4 projects.


Paragon’s cast of characters includes 20 heroes that have been publicized so far, including character models, visual effects, sounds, movements, descriptions, and all skins (appearances). ). All of the above materials will be free to download and use from the market of Unreal Engine 4.
Not only that, this download pack will also include all the pieces of the maps in the game, such as Agora and Monolith. Game developers can completely use these materials in their projects if they feel it is appropriate.


According to Epic Games, the cost to develop all the materials that are publicly available today is worth about 12 million dollars, and they are glad that they will be useful for something, not be lost. put in the trash. Who knows, in the future, we will see Paragon characters and maps in a game that is more successful than Fortnite?


Unreal Engine is a game development engine that was first introduced by Epic Games in 1998. By early 2012, the 4th version of Unreal Engine was released, and is one of Epic’s most profitable products. Games (even more so than Fortnite Battle Royale even though this game is very successful). Epic Games has allowed users to use Unreal Engine 4 for free starting in 2015.

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