Ngoo Kiem Wu Song 2 updated Tai Chi Out of the World on January 24, building the mark of the Wudang sect

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This can be said to be the first Big Update of Unparalleled Pride 2 with lots of new content. Prognosis an aggressive succession will soon break out in the Gypsy. Currently, the updated content has been posted at the intro page:

Revolving around the story for more than 2 months now, since the day Ngao Kiem Wu Song 2 officially opened, gamers day and night burn incense to pray for Thai Thuong Lao Quan to use Ho Lo Tu Kim and Binh Ngoc Tinh to attract buffs Nga My and Cai Bang to the world is less domineering. Now that heaven has eyes, when NPH understands the gamers’ wishes, a new sect is born to overthrow the dominant government of the two sects mentioned above.


As a follower of the martial arts world, it is impossible not to like the successors of the patriarch Truong Tam Phong. Because Wudang is known as the sect that gathers the most “marshal” among the sects. Wudang has always had a more elegant and elegant appearance than people. The temperament is completely calm, the gesture is free from vulgarity, and has the demeanor of a fairy. However, martial arts are ten parts that cannot be taken lightly. With a long-range fighting style, taking internal work as the root, soft carving, strength, making the masters on the Gypsy respect and admire.


However, in order for the situation to be broken and rebalanced, Vo Dang alone would probably be “hard”. So, Tai Chi Surprising The World will bring some necessary changes between sects, including NgaMy, making gamers more eager to wait for January 24 to once again redefine the world, open new matches. PK is more fierce. In the midst of these changes, when the rumor that Wudang is covering the sky with one hand, will it be true, or any faction will be “one-pounder, one-half pound”, the law of the five elements is invariable, difficult to predict. success or failure? It seems that Tai Chi Out of the World has many things to look forward to.


In the chaotic world of martial arts, Wudang appeared to bring a lot of excitement to the masses. But there will probably be a great deal of confusion between the Guilds. In particular, at Tai Chi Out of the World, the Blood War Guild feature will open the biggest competition, the most anticipated tournament to date.


It is an opportunity for the states to compete in high and low talent, as well as a place to honor talented strategists and precious brotherhood in the state. Participating in the tournament, the whole state has the opportunity to gather and win many valuable prizes. By the way, Wudang has just joined, gamers are free to perform beautiful martial arts moves in the fight, and at the same time, the states specialize in damage until they have to rearrange the squad. Vo Lam Trung Nguyen prepares for a bloody battle.


In order for the fight to be fairest, Tai Chi Xue The released on January 24 and also launched the Tai Chi Sword server at 10 a.m. on the same day. This is an opportunity for those who love the Wudang faction to have the opportunity to compete fairly and decide the score on the Leaderboard. Starting now, gamers can enter the game to create characters early and plan their journey. From now on, the new situation will take place in the Unparalleled Arrogance 2, all speculations can happen or not, only participating will know how real and fierce the world is.

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