Dragon Ball Legends – Game 7 new Dragon Balls for Mobile gamers to “hit” each other

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In the entertainment world, especially virtual entertainment, the name 7 Dragon Balls has become a monument. Isn’t that so the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 nice Dragon Ball FighterZ still making gamers fall in love with crazy combat. But it is with PC/Console, where Dragon Ball 7 has become a familiar name. Meanwhile, when looking at Mobile, we can’t really name a notable name over the years.


But now it seems 7 Dragon Balls has started encroaching on Mobile with a completely new official version. Yes that is Dragon Ball Legends – Online PvP focused game has just appeared in GDD 2018. Officially released by Bandai Namco, this will be the first PvP game set in the original 7 Dragon Balls set on mobile.


Dragon Ball Legends will use the cloud platform to allow gamers around the world to fight each other. Based on the 1v1 fighting format, the game also integrates the card element with the skill set activated with only a single card. This allows the combat system to be simplified and provides quick battles that don’t waste time.


Most of all, the matches between gamers will take place completely in real time, ensuring the blood and fire of the combat is preserved and eliminating boredom from the turn-based system. There is no official release date for Dragon Ball Legends yet. But readers can rest assured that Emergenceingame.Com will update information and download the game link as soon as Bandai Namco officially releases it.

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