Minecraft is about to connect the game consoles together

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Good news for you Minecraft All over the world, it’s this game about to make a Revolutionary upgrade, a common connection to all today’s gaming consoles. Which means whatever you are Minecraft installation and play Minecraft on any system, you can also connect to players using a version on another system to explore this very attractive Open World game together.

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It can be said that there are rare titles that are as popular, loved and strongly developed as Minecraft. Not only available on all operating systems (from Windows computers, to mobile devices of iOS, Android or even some specialized gaming consoles like Xbox), but this game is also widely developed. in many countries around the world.

This development spread so strongly that giants like Microsoft had to work together to create an educational version of this game and bring it into the education systems of several countries.

Connect Minecraft players on all platforms

Sharp graphics of Minecraft

It was from the starting point of the richness between the ages, the personality and the game system that Mojang came up with the thought “why don’t they connect Minecraft players on all devices, the system? together?”. It was really a groundbreaking decision that made the connection between players broader and more interesting.

However, there will also be some minor changes, that is the name Minecraft will be used for Minecraft versions: xxx Editor and other versions. Minecraft account are playing on Windows 10, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Nitendo Switch or VR operating systems will be able to play on the same server. This means that no matter which system you play Minecraft on, you can connect with other players using other platforms. But unfortunately the player PS4 is not on the list The specific reason is unknown, but according to the plan, Mojang will implement the plan by the end of this year.


With detailed plans are given specifically:

All Minecraft game players on Windows 10, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Nitendo Switch and VR will be able to play online from the same server. And if you’re playing Minecraft:

  • On the phone or by VR (virtual reality device): You will get free updates from Mojang this summer.
  • On Xbox One Edition or play Minecraft: Nitendo Switch Edition: You will receive a new version of this game for free. The Worlds you have created or the DLC that you have will also be converted to the new version of Minecraft for you. Another special thing that the company is quite fond of for players on these platforms is that no matter how much DLC you own, it will also be available for free on other platforms.

For example:

If you are in possession DLC Greek Mythology on Nitendo Switch, if you switch to play on Windows computers, on iPhone, iPad or devices using Android operating systems, XBox … This DLC is also available and of course completely free.

If you are feeling excited about this generosity of Mojang then don’t hurry, there’s still good news for us. That is, at this new upgrade (specifically on Xbox One and PC), Minecraft will be completely transformed. The core, quintessence or rather the appeal of the game remains the same, but Graphics will be changed, making these blocks become more sparkling, beautiful and impressive than ever.

Photos in the game Minecraft

Besides all the above upgrades, another change is that players will be able to search and choose the server they want to play in the main menu of the game. Initially, there will be about 4 servers, which are:

  • Lifeboat
  • Mineplex
  • InPvP
  • Cubecraft

Minecraft trailer with reworked graphical interface:


Other servers will appear later in the course of our next game. In addition, Minecraft has a very large number of players who are children, so Mojang has decided to add a parent feature to this upgraded version. This feature will help parents manage and allow their children to play Minecraft for how long.

It is still unclear exactly when this version will be updated, but we hope Mojang will not disappoint players with the supposed breakthrough changes this time.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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